Monday, February 27, 2017




Hubby got up and made eggs for the dogs. He gave Bud his painkillers.

I fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

I made latte for hubby.

We loaded Wilson in the Jeep with us and went into Post Falls to install KR's RING doorbell.

Stopped at Starbucks to get a latte for me.

We deposited a check from KR for her phone payment at Horizon.

Drove to Spokane and went to the Petit Chat Bakery in north Spokane. Had lunch. Hubby had the leftover broken potato chips with his sandwich and watery clam chowder. They forgot to bring out my slice of quiche. This lunch cost $30. It was not worth it.

We went to Spokane Discount. It was dirty and disgusting. Prices were too much. Even more than Costco which they were supposed to be selling their overstock. I was happy to get out of there.

Pottied Wilson at the local park. The parking lot had not been plowed. Nothing but lumps of snow everywhere. We gave Wilson our leftovers from the restaurant and some water.

We drove back to CDA along Trent. Stopped to wash my Jeep (Wilson was scared), stop at Harbor Freight to pick up a new floor jack for the shop, and go to North 40 for another tool cabinet for the shop (Wilson liked walking in the store).

Drove downtown CDA at 4PM to meet KR at Sweet Lou's, they were participating in the Inlander Restaurant Week. Dinner was $19.

Hubby and I parked nearby. Lots of steps to get into restaurant. It started blowing & snowing like a blizzard in the 10 minutes we walked inside. I only wanted a HOT alcoholic drink, but the damn restaurant does not have a liquor license. I was freezing.

KR got steak, (tough - had to be cooked over by manager), I got fish & chips, Hubby got Baby Back Ribs. KR let us bring home the steaks for the dogs.

We walked Wilson afterwards and said goodbye to KR.

We drove home. More snow on the way home.

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