Wednesday, February 15, 2017




Got up at 6:30AM. 

Gave turkey to the dogs. Gave Bud a painkiller.

Fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Moose slept here all night.

Fed the moose grain & apples. Slipped on the ice. 

Moose went outside to lay down on the straw. 

I mailed some books on


Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby got home at 4:45PM. We got changed, I did some invoices for him.

Then we took off in the Jeep and drove into Post Falls. Shopped at Walmart, got to KR's house by 7PM, picked her up and drove to the restaurant. Fleur de Sel. 

The meal was ok. Not great. The appetizers were ok. The blue crab was deep fat fried and over done. Almost burnt.

The french onion soup came out too hot to eat. I put ice cubes in mine. KR never ate hers. They boxed it up.

Hubby's steak was not cooked well done and was sent back, still came back red raw inside and the female owner tried to tell us that "the threads in the meat might appear red, but it was cooked all the way thru." Fuck that, you pretentious, dumb bitch!

The chef came by later and apologized. They did take the steak off the bill, but hubby sat there with no dinner. Fucking assholes.

Finally we were ready to order dessert, but it looked like the restaurant was closing at 9PM. Got our waiter's attention, never did get more water because the girls that were doing that disappeared!

They had advertised cake, and KR ordered that, but the waiter came back and said it was a mis-print and should not have been on the dessert menu. KR was disappointed as she wanted cake for her birthday. Instead, they brought out creme brulee for KR, with awful tasting macaroons. I had ordered chocolate tarte, but cancelled it when KR was not getting her cake. They brought it out anyway. They said they did not want KR to be disappointed on her birthday.

We paid and left. Raining and cold. Hubby picked us up under the awning of the building.

Drove KR home.

We drove home. We were exhausted. I did kitty litter.
Hubby fed the moose.

Went to bed.


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