Saturday, February 11, 2017

S A T U R D A Y Night!


Wilson slept with us tonight.

Hubby got up first. The cats were tearing around the house.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. He fed the cats tuna and then cleaned up the litter.

I had coffee for breakfast. Hubby had eggs.

We got ready and put dogs in Dually, drove to Post Falls and got lattes at KoKoPelli. Picked up Beebo at KR's to take him on a walk with us at the high school. KR was hung over after celebrating her bday Friday night with friends. She was on the couch when we got there. Gave her the bday card with $100 in it.

Took Beebo for walk with Bud, Ben, and Wilson. At the high school, they were having a dance competition with music. Dutch Bros had a mobile stand there.

I fell on black ice at the end of the walk. Bruised my hip, did NOT fall on my right knee as I did a little pirouette when I went down. Hurt my left wrist.

Drove back to KR's and dropped off Beebo. Talked to KR about her bday.

We left and did not have time to go to Priest River for the funeral. So hubby drove me to Sally Beauty, but they had no CND Repair Keratin.

We drove to Rathdrum. Dogs stayed in the car while we ate at Nadine's Mexican Kitchen. The Guacamole & chips were bland, the salsa was not spicy hot. I got the Yucatan Chicken & Smoked Onion Burrito. Hubby got the Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Dropped off dogs at home. The MOOSE was here. Hubby gave Moose some apples.

I went inside and took off my soaking wet clothes. Changed into dry, clean jeans.

Drove into Athol and dumped garbage. Picked up milk. Hubby wanted a latte, but it was 2:30 and the place was closed.

We drove back to the shop. Mark needed parts for the Plow Bronco, so we drove to Rathdrum O'Reilleys to pick up parts.

Picked up lattes at Jitterz. Drove back home.

Moose was still here, sitting down in the woods.

I took a bath when we got home. Ate leftover pizza from last night. Hubby took a nap on the couch. We watched Jason Bourne re-runs.

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