Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snowing Snowing

Got lattes this morning, then ran to Rathdrum to pick up cake & groceries for hubby's birthday tomorrow.

However, I forgot the hostess cupcake that we use every year to celebrate the birthday in the morning.

Dropped off the registration for the 4x4 event at NAPA this weekend.

Came home & unloaded groceries. Dogs were upset that I had been gone. Gave them treats. It snowed. Then hailed.

Hubby came home later & went down to work at shop. I drove down to A-town to pick up hostess cupcakes.

Made red white & blue ball for KRN.

It started getting very cold outside. The wetness on the deck froze. Hubby came home about 9:30pm.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Got my nails done in town this Wednesday morning at 9:30. After I was done, I had intended to head over to the X-ray Imaginging, but it was mobbed. They would not be able to get me in for 3 hours. So I decided to kill some time and met with hubby & Matt Z in Post Falls for a few minutes.

The dogs and I got cheeseburgers at Wendys. Drove to Rathdrum to pick up entries for the 4WD event there at NAPA this weekend. Hubby, son-in-law & friends want to attend. Went to Spirit Lake to pick up Spring surprises for KRN & DeraLee. Then home. Unloaded everything & took a pain pill. Which did not set well on my tummy even tho I ate before taking it.

Hubby came home after work and brought milk. Dogs took a nap waiting for him to get home. They were excited to see him. He went down to shop to work for a while.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doctor Day

On Monday, I vacuumed and cleaned the FMF quickly before it started raining.

Then washed dog beds, vacuumed & mopped the house. It was clean for about 2 hours before the dogs started tracking in mud from the yard.

Contacted doctor offices & made appointment for my knee at 2pm Tuesday; made appointment for hubby Tuesday May 3 at 2:40 for his foot. Bunion-ectomy!

I went to bed early as I did not feel well. My left knee was really hurting. Hubby said that when he came to bed there was already an 1 inch of snow outside! It is spring!

Tuesday went to get lattes and before I could leave, had to shovel off 3 inches of snow off the decks. Did some more laundry, then had to go to appointment.

Took a picture on the way of the snow we received.
snow near Rathdrum

Doctor had blood drawn for tests and recommended an x-ray in CDA. There was no definitive diagnosis. Could be anything from Gout to Osteoarthritis to Cancer. Gave me prescription Naproxen. I picked up hubby's prescription while I was at the pharmacy. Hubby briefly detoured and met me in the parking lot. Quick kiss & he was gone again to work. I went next door to grocery store to get steaks, hamburger & dog cookies.

Came home & unloaded. Hubby arrived home a little later. He went down to shop to work for an hour. Then came back & we loaded dogs up in truck to go to park for a dog walk. Then drove around park to see deer.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Friday - I have NO clue what I did today. Don't remember.

Saturday - Cleaned Dodge top to bottom. Earl's kid, Austin came up to the house to pick up major loads of dog poo. Now, I just have to get hubby to bring up the power washer...(tomorrow I will learn that hubby "loaned" it to Tim. And of course, Tim "loaned" it to his dad.) WHY can we never have anything we own at our own home?

Sunday - Found eggs hubby had hand colored with a marker. Deralee & Jen Bunny came to open latte stand in their jammies especially for us. Filled Dodge with gas - $75. Walmart for groceries - over $350! wow. Filled FMF gas $65. We are now officially broke. :(

LOL. Not really. Just seems like an awful lot of money for nothing.

 eggs that the easter bunny drew "cat" faces on and hid for me

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Isabelle & Bit

Happy Birthday Isabelle & Bit

 Cake, Bones, Cheeseburgers & Red Ball

Went to get lattes with Bud & Lil Bit. Came home & picked up dog poop out back. It alternated hailing, snowing, & raining again today. WHEN is Spring coming?

I paid the traffic citation and put it in the mail.

Hubby brought home a cake (forgot Lil Bit's name) for the birthday kids. Along with dog bones, cheeseburgers & a big red ball for them to play with as a present. Isabelle is now 7 years old; Lil Bit just turned 2 years old.

Had lots of fun. Izzy played like a puppy for about 5 minutes with the ball. Then she was tired. Harriet was very frightened and ran upstairs to hide. I had to go to the top of the stairs & feed her a cheeseburger. She came down later to chew on a bone.

Bud refused to wear his birthday hat. He pulled it off right away.

Dogs chewed on bone crack for the rest of the night.

When we put dogs out for the last time tonight, it had snowed over 1 inch. Darn. I already put all the shovels away!

Where is Spring?

Lil Bit the Birthday Boy

Angus - Party Guest

Lil Bit & Isabelle - Birthday Kids

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Word (less) Wednesday


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Monday, I vacuumed house again today. Really need to get Angus in for a shave. Too much white hair everywhere.

Called the insurance lady with John Deere to provide info.

Went to Oldtown with hubby to look at a Concession Trailer. Picked up hot latte drinks in Spirit Lake before we went up. It started snowing while we looked at trailer.

Hubby met Ryan the scrapper in the shop about 8:30 so that hubby could collect money for trailer. Goodbye trailer.

Tuesday went to get latte & paid Deralee for the Blueberry bushes. I want to get a few of these watering cans that are SO very colorful. Great to put plants into. Trailing vines? Beautiful!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blueberry Bushes

FRIDAY - Took hubby to work. Stopped to talk with Deralee at Latte stand until 10:00. Cleaned house. Vacuumed upstairs. Swiffered. Cleaned up basement. Made banana nut bread. Started to clean up dog poop outside again. KRN & Matt picked up hubby on way here. He did not have ride because VZ truck had to be left at work. Matt & hubby worked in shop on Roc Bronc until very late.

SATURDAY - Hubby & Matt left at 6:00. Loaded Roc Bronc on trailer for Cabin Fever 4WD Run in Pinehurst. They will be gone all day. Us girls did not want to go because COLD & Rainy. Probably snow in mountains. Brrrrr. Guys were noisy loading Roc Broc; dogs woke up & barked. Went back to bed until 8:30. KRN woke me up. We got dressed & took Bud, Bit & Bravo with us shopping. Costco. Jamba Juice. Latte Stand. Wendy's. Macy's. Kohl's. WalMart. Wendy's made raw hamburgers again. Line at Kohl's was VERY long. Checkout girl had to call manager. LONG wait. KRN got several tops at Macy's & Kohl's. Found a new (used) clothing store next to Jamba Juice in town. Nothing interesting.

After all the shopping we took Bud, Bit & Bravo to Dog Park in CDA. Was lots of fun. Stayed about an hour. Dogs were extremely well behaved. It was a pleasant time. Spoke to an older man that was on the committee to start the dog park.

Went home & unloaded all KRN's supplies into her Jeep. Then worked on making muffin stickers for her on my computer.

KRN was starving. Watching TV until guys came home late. Guys were all excited about the 4WD trail ride in the mountains! KRN & Matt changed clothes & went up to Sandpoint to visit friend for her birthday. They got home late - around 2am.

SUNDAY - Got up early with the dogs. Harriet was wagging her ears so we thought she was having a problem with them. Cleaned them out thoroughly & she seemed to feel better. Went to get drinks from Jen - Bunny (aka - new rave name is Unique?) at latte stand. Hubby said he would send guys down on Monday to get Blueberry bushes as they are HUGE. Over 6 feet tall.

Packed dogs up in Dodge. KRN & I sat in the back. Matt in front - hubby drove. I had to lock up & go potty last minute. Let Lil Bit out with the rest of the dogs to load. He ran around playing 'keep away' from everybody until I came out and called him just once - he came running up on the deck & jumped into my arms. Everybody was mad at me. Then took dogs for a walk down at Wild Dog dead end. Harriet was running like a wild deer. Romping.

Went home & dropped dogs off. Put Bud outside so he wouldn't chew up house while we were gone. Then drove to The View Cafe in our FMF. KRN wanted to take Matt to eat breakfast. He was starving.

Came back home so that kids could pack up and they left to return to their home.

We went back down at 12:30 to get more lattes from Jen-Bunny. She was leaving to go see boyfriend. Then we drove around in neighborhood. Bud & Bit really liked seeing all new area. Then home.

I took a hot bath to help my left knee which was hurting. Did not help.

Hubby made burgers on the grille tonight at 6:30pm.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Word Less Wed nes day


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bone Crack Tuesday

Vacuumed the basement. Dogs had bone crack today. Made an Angel Food Cake for strawberries tonight.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Thursday - Went to get lattes. Took dogs for walk. Hubby worked in shop. I cleaned house.

Friday - Got my nails done. Walked Bud & Bit at the Spokane River Centennial Trail near Barker road exit.

Picked up Beebo and took him to visit Mommy at her latte stand on base. Texted KRN "Mommy, come pick me up. I walked to the base from home but then won't let me in the gate without my military dog pass!"
Beebo at AFB Front Gate

KRN was SO surprised. Dropped off custom Red White & Brew Pens, a White T-Shirt, and new punch cards. Took Beebo back home. Picked up parts at A-Star then got cheeseburgers. Went home to the girls.

hubby & KRN at Red White & Brew

Saturday - Took dogs for walk at park. Hubby worked in the shop. I cleaned the FMF. Cut open my knuckle; it would not stop bleeding. Bonked my back on the camper top of the truck when I cleaned out the back of it. Hubby came home at 7:00 and took care of me. Lots of aspirin and went to bed early on heating pads.

Sunday - Made waffles for hubby & dogs. Went to get drinks in SUPER clean FMF! Jen-Bunny's 18th birthday is tomorrow. Dropped off the mixer that KRN borrowed from DeraLee. Came home & cleaned out basement. Put up wooden flag on deck. Also put out deck chairs & pads. I filed all the files in the cabinets. So proud of ourselves. Then we rested for a while. Took dogs for walk in park after it rained. Went to get some misc. groceries at Spirit Lake Millers. Hubby grilled steaks.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pink Toes

Pink Toes

Monday, April 04, 2011

Death & Other Things

Found out on drive over to surprise KRN Thursday that my father had died. My brother in law texted hubby to let him know. Since hubby was driving, I picked up the phone and read the text. It was shocking because he had died the previous Friday...March 25. And none of my family had let me know. Not even a letter. Nothing. Assholes.

So we called our son in law to let him know we were coming and he signed us in at the gate. We surprised KRN at the Red, White & Brew stand. Then went home to pick up Bravo and take him with us when we went to north Spokane to pick up some parts at A-Star. Met Kevin Reese with some of the parts at the community college. Then back to Cheney to see the kids. They were already home, they changed clothes and we went to eat at the Elk Public House which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

The food there was quite good. We will be going back. Hubby got me drunk because of the news. Saw an adorable little white Boston Terrier. I fell in love. Even hubby stopped to rub him. Very friendly little dog. His parents were at the window in the restaurant having dinner and had tied him up outside. They were smiling while we petted him.

Took kids home, then we went home ourselves. Stopped to get cheeseburgers & got home to the girls late.