Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Educated Heart with Sub

September 30, 2015

Got up at 6:30 after hearing hubby getting ready for work. I came down and slept for another hour on the couch. Hubby left at 7:00 after getting a call from Charles to go pick up a truck.

Then I gave ham slices to the dogs. Put on makeup and clothes. It was quite cold out this morning.

Wore my high heel boots.

Quirky New shoes

Drove to Rathdrum and got a hot latte from Jitterz. Drove to Post Falls to tan from 9AM-9:20AM. Then drove to school.

Gave one of my ball mason jar lid pumpkins to Jackie.

I hate pooping at school. Had diarrhea today.

Had class with Stephanie substituting today. I had a back spasm while sitting in class. It was awful.

After class at 1PM, I drove to Rathdrum and picked up cheeseburgers for the dogs as McDs. Then drove home. Picked up mail. Got a couple books that I had ordered on Trigger Point Massage.

Cleaned up dog water. Made more tea for me. Ate a chicken wrap.

Went to get my nails done with DeraLee. Got hot pink this time.

Came home and rested on the hot pad. I had already taken a couple pain pills.

When hubby came home after 2 hours OT, I had him put a cup on my back and sat on the massage chair. It felt better after about 15 minutes. I could finally stand up and walk without pain! I don't know how the cupping works, but it is a miracle.

Watched tv for a while, then hubby was falling asleep by 10PM, so we went to bed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Courtnee's Birthday

September 29, 2015

Hubby came upstairs and kissed me goodbye at 7AM. I was still intensely sleeping from 2 sleeping pills I had taken the night before.

I woke up groggy at 7:30. Got dressed. Put books, cheesecake, and gifts in the Jeep.

Did my hair and makeup.

Then left at 8:30. Drove to Rathdrum and got a latte at Jitterz. Then stopped at Stein's Grocery for Nair, Kleenex, and a Birthday Balloon.

Drove over to Goodwill to drop things off, but they were closed!

Then drove to school. Got there at 9:15. Unpacked everything and took it into the room for Courtnee's Birthday.

We had no quiz in class today, just worked on learning face bones & palpating.

Finished class at 1PM, I went down to get Pita Salad. Then tanned at Slick Rock.

Drove to CDA to wash the Jeep and get gasoline at Costco.

Then dropped computer tower off at 765-TECH. The guy there was rude. This is the last time that I am taking my computer there.

Drove to Goodwill in Hayden and dropped off the donated stuff. Then drove up Lancaster looking at subdivisions. I do not want to live up there.

Drove home. Got mail. UPS dropped off Basalt Rocks for massage that I had ordered. T's birthday present next week.

I unloaded the car. Was dead tired.

Fed the deer. Made tea. Ate my pita salad. Gave the dogs some ham.

Cleaned up dog water & food.

Sat on the couch in a daze. I was too tired to do anything.

Hubby texted & called. Guy dropping boat off tonight and needed to copy last year's contract because our computer is not working.

Hubby got home at 7:00PM.

Dropped Mark off at Charles' shop so he could drive a truck to the shop.

We took dogs for walk in park down by the Brig. Saw lots of deer. Little deer running in front of our truck trying to cross the road to get to her mother.

After our walk, hubby drove towards the park & up Hwy 54. But it reeked like sewage. Got worse as we drove up the hill.

At home, I dropped hubby off at the shop so he could help Mark with a truck.

Hubby walked home about an hour later. We watched some Archer reruns and hubby fell asleep on the couch. Then we went to bed.

Monday, September 28, 2015



Woke up at 6AM. Hubby let me sleep until 7AM.

Ben was whining this morning. Didn't know why until I got up and found poop on the floor in his room from Lil Bit.

I got up and kissed & hugged him goodbye. He left for work.

I dressed for Clinic. Did laundry. Fed fish. Refreshed dog water & food. Bud decided to make a mess of it again.

Cleaned up the poop that Lil Bit had made in Ben's room.

Left for Clinic at 8:00. Stopped to get a latte at Jitterz. It was only 31 degrees when I woke up this morning. I was cold. Got to Clinic at 8:30.

Paid for Courtnee's massage today while she was there.

Did Clinic work.

Left there at 1:30 because my last massage went over-time. I got burgers for dogs at Wendy's. Then drove to Rathdrum and got groceries and birthday presents for Courtnee's birthday tomorrow.

Hubby left me a note on my Jeep.

Cat Pic from hubby

Drove home. Picked up mail. Had gotten a magazine & card for hubby.

Unloaded all the groceries & put them away. Put away dishes. Washed Ben's quilt on his bed.

Vacuumed the main floor. Did more laundry.

Fed the deer when hubby came home. Took the dogs for a walk in the park with hubby.

At home, I massage hubby from 8:15-9:15. Then he took a hot shower.

Had to repair the deck fencing as the dogs had knocked it out. I gave the wild cat outside some Spam. He had torn up the dead bird I had left for him. (Dead bird had run into the front windows & killed itself).

Sunday, September 27, 2015



Woke up at 3AM when something (the cat) decided to jump on the deck and knock over the bird seed and one of the wire fences in the railing. Dogs all got up and started barking.

Lil Bit came back upstairs and I had to lift him up onto the bed.

I slept again until 7:30 when Bud woke me up, he was pacing around downstairs. Ben started whining for some stupid reason.

At 8AM, I got up and made eggs for the dogs. Bud did not drop a single piece on the floor. I have been putting down paper towels and newspaper on the floor to keep the mess contained to something easy to clean up.

Cleaned up the dog dishes. Then started laundry. Fed the fish.

Put away laundry. Did dishes. Put away dishes.

Picked up dog poo.

Fed the wild cat. Fed the deer.

Did homework for Kines workbook.

Watched Pay-Per-View movie Pitch Perfect 2. It was not good.

Got ready to go pick up hubby.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

No Sleep

9 26 2015

Woke up at 7AM. Hubby started texting me. Then did not text again.

I had only gotten about 3 hours sleep last night. I had gotten up and taken a sleeping pill at 4AM. Lil Bit was panting all night so I had to open all the windows upstairs.

I was barely functioning. I gave the dogs ham and made the eggs for breakfast. I sat down to watch tv, then could not stay away by 11AM. Went back up to bed and slept until 3PM.

Dog Breakfast Ham & Eggs

I feel like crap.

I texted with KRN for a while. Then I watched tv.

Dragged myself outside to feed the deer, get the mail, and feed the wild cat.

Then came inside and did some homework.

Went to bed at 10PM.

Friday, September 25, 2015

More Clinic 6-9


Woke up at 7AM, alarm was ringing downstairs on the cellphone. Had to get up and turn it off. Then hubby texted me. I had to text him for a while. Mark from AICM called at 9AM and reminded me about Clinic hours for next week. This woke me up again, so I decided to get up.

Made eggs for dogs.

Fed fish. Fed deer.

Wonderful clear day outside. It was already warm by the time I was up.

Tried to sign on to desktop computer, but it is still not working.

I studied Pathology and filled out the back of the last chapter. Watched tv for a while.

Ordered some canning jar bands so I can make pumpkins for the girls at school.

Did laundry. Did dishes.

Gave a treat to Jack and petted him as I was leaving.

Went to get my nails and toes done with Deralee at 2PM.

Got home at 3:30 and dressed for Clinic. Left at 4PM. Stopped at the shop to pet Jack and give him a treat. Got the mail.

Stopped to get gasoline in Rathdrum. Got a latte at Starbucks. It tasted awful.

Worked in Clinic from 6-9.

Then drove home. Got cheeseburgers for dogs at McD's in Rathdrum. Almost hit a female elk on Diagonal. Then a deer tried to dart out in front of me on Hwy 54.

Arrived home.

Ben's tail was bleeding when I got home. All the dogs were super excited to see me. They were whining and barking. Lil Bit was terrorizing Ben. The house was torn apart.

Texted hubby. Texted KRN. She was freaking out because she had found more paperwork of Grandpa's.

I was tired and went to bed at 11:30PM.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Day in School


Woke up at 6AM when Lil Bit came upstairs to get into bed with me. Ben had slept in the bed all night with me, but he was gone.

Texted with hubby for a while, then got up and dressed, ready for school.

Fed fish, fed dogs some ham. Then gave dogs fresh water.

Fed the deer what was left of the food.

Drove to Post Falls and tanned at Slick Rock at 9AM.

After tanning, I decided to go back to KoKoPelli for a hot latte. It was cold this morning and I needed something warm.


Then drove to school.

I just kinda zoned out. Pretty much figured that I will have to study on my own.

After school, I stopped to pick up a Pita Salad.

Then stopped in Hayden to pick up 2 bags of grain. Picked up apples & pears on the ground. There were two guys there helped me put the grain in the Jeep. I had never seen anybody there before.

On the way home, I called the Vet and made an appointment for Lil Bit to get his stitches out at 4:30.

Talked to hubby at home on the phone for quite a while. Then I did some homework. Took Bit down to the Vet at 4:30, they had a Tech Assistant take out his stitches. Only took a few minutes. We drove home again.

At home, I did some homework, but then the computer quit working. I was so pissed. Phone hubby to have him help with the problem, but he was no help.

Went to bed at 11:00. I am so tired.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Got up at 7:15 when my alarm rang on my iPhone. I punched the Snooze button a couple times. Then kissed Lil Bit and got up. Went into Ben's room to give him a kiss.

Dressed and got ready for school. Gave the dogs some ham. Went downstairs to get more ham out of the freezer.

Fed the fish.

Left for school. Had to turn around at Clagstone because I forgot my pencil bag.

Picked up my pencil bag at home and left again.

Drove to Rathdrum for Tanning at 9AM.

Tanned for 12 minutes. Then went to school.

Took the Quiz & Pop Quiz in Pathology. I got 80% on Pop Quiz & 90% on Quiz.

Then we went over Chapter 14 on Cancer. Pam was suffering from Migraines today and we had the lights down low with the blinds closed.

Went down to the gas station in my Jeep with Panda and Katie. We picked up cashews for me, Coke for Panda, and Slushie for Pam.

Came back and finished class. I went to check in and pay for more massages on a package. Then went down to Slick Rock and sat in the Sauna for 35 minutes.

Went back to school to have a massage with Panda. He worked on my upper shoulders. Then my legs for a while.

Left school and drove home. I was too tired to get deer grain.

At home, I got mail. Unloaded books from the Jeep. Cleaned the windshield on the Jeep. Gave deer some oatmeal & cereal. Fed the cat outside some more cat food & Spam. Had yesterday's Pita Salad. Sat to watch tv.

Joe Sr. came over to say that he heard about Greg's dad. Said if I needed anything to call him.

I was dead tired at 6:30.

Ordered Basalt Hot Massage Rocks from eBay for T's birthday.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015



The month of September is almost done. Where did the time go?

Crappy summer all around. Not able to get the boat into the water and smoke most of the season.

I got up this morning at 6:30 and dressed. I fed the fish. I gave ham to the dogs.

I left and drove to Rathdrum to go grocery shopping. Got Panda's birthday cake, picked up stale pecans (did not know this until I got home tonight), got more Spam and Tuna for cat.

Got to school early. Was there at 8:00. There were 6 City of Post Falls police cars, 1 Fire engine, 1 Fire patrol at house across from the school.

Jackie got there at 8:30 to open the doors. She was driving a pick-up truck. I joked with her about it.

I took in Panda's presents and birthday cake. Set up the birthday sign. Took in cards for Panda & Kate. Forgot Kate's liquor birthday present at home again.

Worked on Kinesiology Workbook. Then at 10:00, I realized we had Medical Massage today. Damn.

Panda opened his presents. He was happy. Had cake at break.


Texted KRN and hubby all day. They were transferring the father-in-law to Hospice care today.

I finally walked upstairs to make an appointment with Christine. Got Panda for 2:30 tomorrow. I can go sit in the Sauna before my appointment.

Left school and got a Pita Salad. Then drove home.

Got mail. Then came to the house. Dogs were happy to see me. Ben almost knocked me down. Cleaned off windshield on the Jeep. I was exhausted.

Fed deer. Fed the cat some tuna. Did laundry. Did dishes. Cleaned up dog water & food. Unloaded groceries and put them away.

Took a nap for a while. Ben's snoring woke me up.

I did notecards for Pathology for Chapter 13.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Not A Great Monday


Got up at 4AM to pee, then went back to bed for an hour. Up again at 5AM. Got dressed in Clinic wear.

Hubby got his bag. I asked him to take my tea. He set it on the deck and when I went outside in the dark, it dropped off the edge and broke. I had to re-make my tea. I asked hubby to get the Jeep out and go sit in it.

Then we drove to Rathdrum to get lattes at Jitterz. Everything on my body hurts. I am not getting really good sleep. My body is breaking down.

Hubby drove the back roads (which I hate when he does this) thru Post Falls to get gas at Love's on the border. They had the cheapest gas in town. Even cheaper than Costco!

Drove to Spokane International Airport. We parked in hourly parking as far away from the building as possible... then I found about $1.00 in change on the ground! Yippee.

Hubby checked in. I went potty. I waited with him until 7:45 when he had to go board at the gate. His flight left at 8:15am.

I drove to Walmart in Post Falls. Picked up a pumpkin. Wrapping paper for Panda's birthday present. A card for Panda. Honey for my tea.

Drove to school and got there just before 9AM.

At 1:00, I was finished. Cleaned up. Policed the area as usual. Picked up garbage. Made sure curtains were pulled back. Turned off lights.

Hubby had texted me several times. He got to Tucson and picked up his dad's car. Then he went to the hospital. His dad is really bad. There is pneumonia on his lungs. His kidneys are not doing good. KRN said she is getting a Red-Eye flight out of Hawaii tonight. She will be in Arizona tomorrow.

I left and picked up a Pita at Pita Pit.

Drove home.

Got mail. At home, I gave dogs some meat & ham. I cleaned up the house. Started laundry. Started dishes. Made tea and ate 1/2 my pita. Then took a nap for a while. Too many people kept texting me. I could not nap. I hurt everywhere.

Went out to feed the deer, but we only had a little grain left. I will have to get grain at Big R tomorrow. Gave the deer lots of apples.

I filled the dog water and cleaned it out back. Gave fish some more food and cleaned out their pond from all the pine needles that blew into it.

Then I wrapped Panda's present and got everything packed into the car tomorrow. I need to stop at the grocery store before school and get Panda's cake and another card for Kate.

Sunday, September 20, 2015



Slept late until 9:00AM. Hubby had gotten up at 5AM to potty and get Lil Bit out of bed. Lil Bit was having a nightmare and making lots of weird noises. They both went potty, Lil Bit got a drink of water, then they came back to bed.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I did laundry and got dressed. Ate leftovers from Olive Garden last night.

We watched a tv show for a while, then took the dogs for a walk in the park. Hubby picked up a latte in town on the way. We walked down by the Sewage treatment plant in the park on the North side. It was very warm today. Got to be about 79.

 Turkeys in Park

Came home and unloaded dogs.

We took the garbage to the dump. Stopped at Lil Town to get cat food for the cat we have been seeing outside.

Hubby cooked steaks on the grille. Then he started pot roast in the slow cooker.

Crock Pot Roast

Hubby unloaded all the stuff that was in the Jeep.

I massaged him in the Chair while he was watching Dr. Who. I used the new massage rocks that I had gotten in the new Professional Heating unit.

I finished all the homework in my Medical Term book. Yippee.

Bruce had texted hubby about their dad. Their dad is not doing well. Hubby had talked to him on Friday and he was experiencing tremors.

Today their father went downhill fast. Hubby decided he wanted to go visit him.

Bruce was waiting for a phone call from the doctor.

So we then took the dogs to the park for another walk. We walked around the Brig walk. Saw some deer munching on apples at the brig so we decided to walk thru the woods instead. Saw some more deer in the woods. Then we saw a big semi trailer parked along the road as we walked back.

Drove around the park looking for more deer. Ran into a couple that had 6 kids and a baby in a push pram that were lost. They asked for directions to their van.

Fall color in Bayview

Drove home.

Hubby had a text message on his phone that he had left at home. Bruce said that their dad was going downhill fast.

We booked a flight for hubby leaving tomorrow.

Called KRN to let her know. She is trying to book a flight to go there also.

Bruce called hubby and they talked for a while.

I got hubby's passport out for him, make copies of his itinerary, got a bag out for him to pack.

We watched news tonight. Then went to bed early at 10:15PM. I was exhausted.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kellogg Chair Massage


Even tho I took a couple sleeping pills, I could not sleep very well. Had nightmares and was waking up every hour.

Lil Bit had come up really late and hubby had not heard him so I had to put him on the bed. I could hear LiL Bit breathing.

Got up at 6:30. Hubby had already left the bed. Lil Bit had moved up to the top of the bed on hubby's pillows to sleep.

Dressed, started laundry. Fed the fish. Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

Hubby had to stop and get a latte in town.

Took the dogs to Farragut Park for a walk. We walked on Gunshooting Road. Saw lots of deer & turkeys! 


Came back home and unloaded dogs. Hubby went down to the shop so that he could go pick up a truck in town.

He ended up calling the tow truck company to get the truck and he came home by 1:00PM.

I had been doing homework, doing laundry, picking up dog poo.

I was already dressed for Clinic work and ready to go.

We drove to Kellogg. Lots of dumb people on the road.

Arrived at Kellogg by 2:45, we got checked in.

The wind was blowing too much.

We finally wrapped up at 6:30. Hubby had been in Noah's Loft Restaurant getting a beer and chicken wings. The chicken wings were raw.

Hubby helped me take my chair out to the Jeep. We left and drove home.

At CDA, we stopped at Olive Garden and ate. Our waiter was Shane. Nice kid. We got a bottle of wine and I got a kahlua & cream.

Then we went to Wendy's and got burgers for the dogs. Drove home.

Gave burgers to the dogs. Saw the kitty dart out from the garage and run under the excursion.

Put out one of the burgers out for the kitty.

Went to bed at 10:30. We were tired.

Friday, September 18, 2015



Hubby left for work at 7AM. He came upstairs and gave me a kiss.

I got up with Lil Bit at 8:15.

Got dressed. Fed the fish. Did laundry. Picked up dog poo in back yard.

Started on homework.

Tried to take a nap, but could not sleep. Laid down on our bed with Lil Bit & Ben. Put the heating pad on my back.

Did more homework in my Med Term book.

Got ready for Clinic at 4:00. Left at 4:20.

Met hubby at KoKoPelli at 4:50 in Post Falls. Kissed him then went to Clinic. Got to Clinic at 5:00. Had to walk in upstairs because the basement door was locked.

Got all the rooms ready, Cabis open. Put water in containers for shift. There was no toilet paper in the women's bathroom, so I had to tell Amber upstairs.

I did a footbath and 50 min massage which turned into 90 minutes. I had nothing else to do for the next 30 minutes, so why not.

Jeannie & Steve had a new dryer installed downstairs and made a lot of noise during massage.

Then did another 50 minute massage.

Cleaned up afterwards.

Kelsey and I left at the same time.

Drove home. Got burgers for dogs at McD's. Arrived home about 10:00. Saw a little kitty run around our front yard. So I tore up one of the hamburgers for the kitty at the base of the steps.

Hubby gave burgers to dogs.

I sat down and watched tv. I was exhausted.

Went to bed at 11:00 after an episode of Archer & Cougar Town.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What A Day


Hubby came upstairs and woke me up. He said I needed to take him into work since he left his truck at the yard last night. I got up and dressed.

Fed the fish before I left. Made tea.

Drove hubby to Athol to pick up his latte. We had two cars in front of us. One of them had a mastiff/great dane mix female dog in it. I walked up to the guy to ask him about his dog. The latte girl knew hubby's drink & gave it to him right away. Then drove hubby to CDA. I stopped off at Holiday Station to go inside for potty. Then drove hubby over to his work. We talked to Rocky as he walked into work.

After I dropped hubby off at a little before 8AM, I drove to Post Falls. Picked up a white coffee almond milk latte to warm me up.

I drove to school. Christine was there before me, so she unlocked the doors. I came inside and re-arranged all the tables in our room. Then went back to side with the Newbie class to make up 1 hour.

That other bitch B was there, making up time. Nick came in and sat with me to make up another hour.
Stephanie was substituting for Pam, so we did not have to do planks, thank goodness!

I only have 1 make up hour left on Tuesday.

Then Nick and I went in to the other class. The BITCH followed us in. I don't know WHY she doesn't stay in the other class for 3 hours, then come into our class for 1 hour. Fucking cunt.

The fucking cunt was joined by her other fucking bitch friend. They proceeded to whisper and do things on the computer for the entire class. I finally had to complain.

They still did not shut the fuck up or quit on the computer.

WHY is it permissible for them to have computers, but not us? WTF?

I finally complained to ADMIN and was about to fill out a complaint form, but she told me to talk with the other admin. I explained that the problem had not resolved itself for a whole week with 3 different teachers, WTF would change now?

So we finally got thru with the class.

I called hubby up to ask him for lunch. He said they were lunching at La Cabana Restaurant in Post Falls for Brandon's B-day. So I drove over there and had lunch with them.

I left immediately after and went to CDA to wash my Jeep and get gasoline at Costco. I was so irritated still.

Drove home on 95 fucking rough road. Then at home, there were CDA Paving trucks driving by the house with uncovered loads. They were spraying gravel & rocks everywhere.

I called to complain.

Then I was tired & tried to take a nap, fed the deer, was too upset to do homework.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Colder Weather


Got up at 6AM with hubby. It was severely cold out. Hubby said that according to the TV news that he was watching, it got down to 34 degrees last night.

Hubby was sitting with Buddy on the couch. He had turned on the heater in the bathroom for me. I got dressed and then we watched News on TV together.

Went outside to unload the apples & grain from his truck. We had to put on sweatshirts because it was still only 37 degrees. Brrrrr.

There was a little dove sitting at the base of the big tree. Either injured or dying. Looks like it could not fly away.

Hubby left. I came inside to study.

I got ready for school. Left and drove to Post Falls. Two stupid little boys on Diagonal are standing in the road, stepping out in front of cars as they pass. So I will get the address on Tuesday and report them.

Passed by Jitterz because they had 12 cars in line! Then in Post Falls, I picked up a latte from KoKoPelli. Got to school early. The doors were locked. The newbie class started coming and we all sat at the picnic table. Andrea did not have keys when she arrived, but Christine had keys and finally got there about 8:55.

Made up 1 hour of class. Nick got there. (he got a comfortable seat that I dragged into class from the hallway).

The bitches were there and sat in our class again.

We took a Pop Quiz over the next chapter which Pam gave us a few minutes to review. Then we took the Quiz. I got a 7/10. So did Mark. We corrected ours and handed it back in. We took our other Quiz over the present chapter and I got 100%. Had to talk to Pam about the people sitting in disturbing our class and talking too much. The bitches were belching at me each time I would walk into class. Juvenile fucking bitches.

Did our planks & leg lifts. Then we reviewed the next chapter.

Class got out and I left.

Drove home. Gave the dogs clean water & food. Fed the deer. Made tea. Drove to get my nails done with DeraLee.

Then I drove into Hayden and got my hair done with Rachelle.

After getting my hair done, I called hubby and picked him up from work at 6:00. We drove to CN Diesel to get his stuff out of his red dodge dually that he had sold. Then we drove home.

At home, I was exhausted. We had some turkey, hubby made mashed potatoes.

I went to bed early at 10:00PM.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Failing Kines Test; Only Got 80%


40 degrees this morning. Getting colder every day.

Got up at 7AM. Kissed hubby goodbye. Gave dog hugs with him.

Fed fish. Dressed and got ready to leave.

Left at 7:45 and drove to Rathdrum. Picked up a latte at Jitterz.

Then went to school in Post Falls. Got there at 8:30.

After the test, I went outside in my sweater to sit at the picnic table.

I got 80%. Which I was happy with because I did not STUDY AT ALL. Think of what it would be like if I had studied!

Class was dismissed at 12:20.

I drove down to Pita Pit to get my pita salad. Then I drove to Rathdrum and got bird seed at the Hardware store. Hubby called me to ask me out to lunch, but I told him that I was already home.

At home, I picked up the mail. Played with Jack. Came to the house, Buddy & Ben met me in the garage and I let them out. Then they went into the house again.

I made tea, did laundry, freshened the dog water & food, ate my pita salad, watched tv for while.

Then did homework for Pathology tomorrow. Made notecards for everybody in class.

Met hubby in Rathdrum at Super One to get groceries. Then we came home, unloaded groceries. Took dogs for a walk in the Park at dusk. The Park Ranger came over and talked to us.

Then we came home. I finished Notecards for class. Took a hot bath. Hubby's stomach was hurting because he ate crap McD's food tonight. So I could not work on his back.

Went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, September 14, 2015



Got up at 7AM, dressed. Fed fish.

Kissed hubby goodbye before he left for work. Gave huggies with hubby to the dogs.

I left for Clinic work at 7:45AM.

Drove to Post Falls.

Got there early at 8:15.

Clients say that I do very well. I think I suck.

Got done at 1PM

Drove to Wendy's for salad & burgers for dogs. Drove home. Picked up mail.

Gave burgers to dogs. I was exhausted. Watched tv. Made tea. Ate salad. Had diarrhea. Took a nap.

Got up at 6:00, put away laundry, dishes, gave fresh water to dogs. Fed deer.

Started studying.

Sunday, September 13, 2015



Got up at 6AM to pee. Then went back to bed. Hubby was already up and downstairs rubbing Bud's back while sitting on the couch.

I got up at 7:15 and started getting ready. I decided not to wash my hair. I was too tired & did not have enough time.

Dressed and put on make-up. Wore stretchy black pants & blue stripe shirt.

Drove to Rathdrum & picked up a couple lattes at Jitterz so that I could have caffeine to get thru the day.

Was one of the first ones to class, so I helped set up tables.

Left class at 3PM. Drove home and took dogs for a walk. Hubby already had their leashes on and the truck ready to go. I changed shoes & we drove to the park. Walked on Gun Shooting Road. Saw LOTS of turkeys in the field eating bugs.

Drove back home and dropped off dogs. Guy from Lumber yard was coming out of our driveway, so hubby got out to talk to him, I went up to potty, change clothes, unload dogs & get my Jeep.

Took Jeep back down to pick up hubby. We drove into Athol to get gas. Had to wait for TWO trains. I washed my windshield because SO MANY bugs on it. Then we went to get ice cream at Lil Town Market.

Drove home. I cleaned up everything. Gave dogs fresh water.

Ordered Muscle Flashcards from Books of Discovery Online Trail Guide series. Also uploaded their

Saturday, September 12, 2015



Got up a few minutes ago. Lil Bit was already downstairs with hubby. I told hubby that I had heard a squirrel out the window, so he got up and shot it.

I got dressed. Fed the fish.

Started some laundry.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

I uploaded some music to my iTunes.

Fed the fish. Said goodbye to dogs. Hugged hubby.

Left for Class at 8:00. Stopped at Jitterz to get a couple lattes to help me make it thru the day.

Went to Pizza Factory with Katie for lunch. She bought. Got cheesesticks.

Beautiful day wasted.

Counting down the hours.

Finally leave at 6:50.

Got home at 7:20. Walk dogs with hubby in the park. It got dark. Lots of deer in the park.

Came home and went to bed. Took a sleeping pill & allergy pill. Took a bath.

Tired. Nightmares all night.

Friday, September 11, 2015



It has been 14 years since 9/11. Very sad indeed. We will never forget.

Woke up at 7AM, reminded hubby to drop off the grain.

He gave me a kiss while I was still in bed and left. Dogs ran out front to bark at him from the deck.

I slept until 8:00 then got up and dressed.

Fed the dogs ham. Gave Lil Bit his pill.

Started working on A&P homework again. Paid bills since hubby got paid today. Then I ordered a sweater from Alloy.

sweater I ordered

Printed out notes for Kines test on Tuesday.

Ordered shoes & sweaters from HM.

Shoes ordered

Northwoods Vet called to check on Lil Bit.

Christine called from AICM to confirm my clinic shift.

Fed Ex came by with my Basalt Stone Massage set and Professional Stone Heater that I ordered from ebay & Amazon.

I ordered some bigger stones for my basalt massage set.

Drove to Clinic at 4:30. Got there early. Worked from 6-9PM. Then drove home. Got home at 9:30. Exhausted.

Hubby and dogs were glad to see me home. Went to bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A&P Midterm


Got up early at 6:45. Lil Bit was still in bed with me. He was very tired. Hubby was downstairs sitting beside Bud and rubbing his sore back.

I got dressed. Hubby gave Lil Bit his Amoxicillin pill. Gave the dogs some ham.

Hubby started to leave for work, but I heard a squirrel out front so hubby went to get his gun. The squirrel got it!

I ran to pick up the squirrel while hubby left in his truck. I kissed hubby in the circle driveway and stepped on the carcass of a dead torn-apart bird. So I had to get another bag to clean that up.

I fed the fish. Gave apples to the deer. We are out of grain.

I put on makeup and gave dogs fresh water & food.

Drove to Post Falls and picked up a latte at KoKoPelli.

Then drove to school. Nick was already there before me. I pulled in and we walked in together.  I got an 85% which I was happy receiving. Anything above passing was OK.

Then we finally were able to leave at 12:50PM. I drove to get a Pita Salad. Then drove to CDA and got gasoline at Costco. The gasoline hose failed and would not fill it up. It shut off early. I could not get it to put more in, so I left. It filled the Jeep 3/4 way full. Then I drove over to get my Jeep washed. The guy there was wearing a pink tie.

Washed Jeep

I then drove to the OfficeMax by Target to get printer ink. It is SO expensive! $67.99 for a 4-pack of ink.

Then I stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs.

I drove home. Stopped to get mail at home. Jack came over running to me. I gave him a cheeseburger.

Then drove to the house, brought everything in. Cleaned the windshield on the Jeep. Gave cheeseburgers to dogs. Gave an antibiotic pill to Lil Bit. His eye still looks bad.

I rested for about an hour on our bed upstairs with Lil Bit & Ben. I could not sleep.

Came downstairs to do my homework at 5PM.

Hubby got home at 7PM after working OT for 2 hours.

He came inside to get a sandwich & chips, then we got the dogs loaded in the truck for a late night walk in the park. We drove to the park, but forgot the flashlight. We walked around the water tower. It got very dark. Saw quite a few deer. Stars in the sky came out. Saw lights on the mountain. Two cars driving down the mountain.

Got dogs loaded and came home. We watched tv. Went to bed at 10:30PM after the news.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015



Got up at 6:00, but fell back to sleep. So tired. Lil Bit was in bed with me. I woke up at 7AM to give him a kiss and he cried out in pain.

So I took him downstairs and hubby got a flashlight. We looked at his face and he had A BIG GASH ON HIS LEFT CHEEK. It came very close to his eye.

 Pics After Surgery Stitches!

I remember talking in my sleep last night, telling Lil Bit to quit licking. So he must have been licking himself trying to take care of his cut.

I called the Vet immediately at 8:00 and they had me bring him in to drop him off. I authorized them to do whatever they needed to do for him.

So then I drove to Post Falls, picked up a latte from KokoPelli. Got to school at 9AM.

After school, I drive to pick up another Pita Salad. Then drive home. I call hubby to ask him to pick up Lil Bit because I will be getting nails & hair done. Then I eat a little big of salad. Drive to get my nails done. Deralee is there, then Jen brings the baby. He is adorable.

Some nail products supplier is there and he gives me his card. He and his wife are opening a shop in Post Falls and need Massage Therapists.

At 2:45, I am done and drive to Hayden for my hair appointment. Rachelle says she has me on the books for Sept 16. So I drive all the way back to Athol. Pick up Lil Bit and pay his bill.

When I arrive home, I am tired. Put Lil Bit's "Cone of Shame" on his head so he won't rub on things. He looks sad, drugged, and tired.

Cone of Shame

I am tired. I start studying. I finish eating my pita salad.

Hubby comes home late.

We take the dogs for a late, late walk in the park in the dark!

Came home and I studied for a while. Then we went to bed.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015



I woke up at 3am and had to pee. I was sweating and vomited. Stress?

Hubby got up at 6AM, got dressed then sat and watched tv news. I was still in bed with Lil Bit. He came up to kiss me at 7AM then left for work. His week long vacay is done. No more time off until November?

I got up at 7AM, got dressed. Fed the fish. Gave the dogs fresh food & water.

Buses were going today and there seemed to be much more traffic on the road this morning. I have to leave at 8AM to get to school by 9AM.

Have to make up 1 hour today in the other class.

It is pretty cold out this morning, only 45 degrees F. when I get up.

Stopped at KoKoPelli to get latte this morning. The Special is a School Bus Latte.

 Dismal & Dreary Day

School from 9-10. 8-9 makeup hour.

In my Jeep, I had forgotten my Groupon for my massage. I panic. Then I sign into Groupon on my phone and get the code number there. I drive to Avanti Massage. They do not take my medical info. The girl (Dee) comes to get me. The massage is not great. She wants to talk too much. It is not a relaxing massage.

I have to fill out the med paperwork on the way out. They do not ask me if I want an additional appointment. Odd place.

On the way out, some idiot guy gets on the elevator before I can get off at the ground floor. He is busy starring at his phone. What an Ass.

I drive back to Post Falls to get a Pita Salad. On the exit, 2 cars that are entering the on-ramp wait thru the yellow & red light. They block the exit ramp cars from moving at a green light. What fucking assholes.

At Pita Pit, I pick up a salad and drive home.

When I arrive home, I get the mail and go to the house. I greet the dogs & made tea for myself. Then I eat my salad.
Decorated for Fall

Hubby comes home early. We take the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park. We see a couple deer staring at us. Pass a couple people on horses.

Come home and I study some more. Hubby is tired and goes to sleep on the couch. I could not wake him up. Lil Bit is sleeping on the couch like he passed out.

We go to bed at 10PM.

Monday, September 07, 2015



Woke up at 7AM to potty, then went back to bed. Hubby got up and made eggs for the dogs.

I got up at 8AM and dressed. Then we loaded dogs in the Dodge and drove into Athol to get latte for hubby. They were actually open on Labor Day!

We drove to Bayview to eat at the Pancake Breakfast put on at the Community Center. It was nice. They had huckleberry and plain pancakes, sausage, coffee, tea, and orange juice.

Labor Day Pancake Feed in Bayview

After eating, we took out a platter for the dogs. There was a car from Oregon that parked beside us. Our dogs were barking at the dog in that car. But the dog in that car was totally ignoring our dogs and sitting nicely, WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED DOWN. The dog was fabulous!

We drove home and hubby fed the deer at home. Then hubby went upstairs to check on fixing the electricity.

Watched TV for a while. I studied for Muscle quiz tomorrow.

Then at 2PM, we decided to go grocery shopping. Drove to Rathdrum in the Dodge, got lattes at Jitterz. Then to Super 1 for groceries.

Shopped for groceries then came home. Unloaded groceries. Decided to take dogs for a walk. Thought to go up the Bunco, but it was weird when we got there, big parking lot, no place to walk dogs. Lots of motorcycles & ATVs around would scare dogs. So we drove to Farragut park instead and walked them there. Walked beyond the Frisbee golf area. It had just finished raining and was a little cold so I wore hubby's sweatshirt.

On the way home stopped to get gasoline in Dodge. Also stopped at Lil Town Market for hubby to get milk.

At home, I made Vanilla Mousse, hubby had sandwich for dinner. LOTS of deer came to feed. Had a couple babies, several female deer and one HUGE buck that came thru. After they were gone, we went outside and refilled the bowls with apples.

I studied more for quiz.

Sunday, September 06, 2015



Got up at 8AM. Hubby made eggs for dogs. I fed the fish & the deer. Deer ate all the good grain with the apples, pears, and plums. But they picked around the celery!

Hubby got a latte at the espresso stand in town.

We took the dogs for a 2 mile walk in the park on Gun Range Road.

Then we came back and started working on the house. Hubby cleaned up downstairs. He found several dead mice that were rotting. And found that SOME DOG in the house had gone downstairs and peed all over our boat canvas! So he had to clean that up. I helped him tidy up the basement; and he vacuumed all over down there. Then we brought up the mattress from the basement and put it on our bed. Took our pillow top mattress and put it downstairs. I tided up all the are where I massage in the back room and re-arranged all KRN's storage stuff to the back room.

We now have enough room to put the fish in the basement for the winter.

It started raining around 2:00. 

I picked up dog poo in the back yard.

Hubby decided to make bacon wrapped stuffing.

I have had an upset tummy and diarrhea all day.

Saturday, September 05, 2015



Woke up at 7:30. Lil Bit & Hubby had already gone downstairs.

It had rained and the temp was only at 48 degrees. Brrrrr.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I fed the fish.

Hubby stopped to get latte in town in Spirit Lake. Drove around to see if there were dogs in yards so our dogs could bark at them.

We picked up some groceries at Spirit Lake Grocery.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park. Went on triangle walk by the sewage plant. Bud kept pulling the whole time and I got irritated, so had to make him heel for the last 1/2 of the walk. I had diarrhea during the walk. My upset tummy is back.

Saw Turkeys in the Park

By the time we got home, it was already 3:00PM.

Hubby made ants-on-a-log with celery, peanut butter, and raisins.

I made Cheddar Potato Broccoli soup with fresh baked Grands biscuits.

Fed the deer. Put out grain, apples, celery, plums, & pears for them.

Hubby met a guy down at the shop.

We watched a stupid pay-per-view movie on Direct TV - Ex Machina. It was awful.

Watched tv for a while, then went to bed after Saturday Night Live.

Friday, September 04, 2015

End of the Week


Woke up late.

Breakfast eggs for dogs & burrito for hubby.

Lattes at Athol Espresso. Horrible.

Walk in Farragut Park.

River stones at Corbin Park, Post Falls.

Grain at Farmer's. Pick up apples & plums & pears.

Late lunch at Grey Goose.

Pay for Lil Bit's dog license at Vet's office.

Pick up mail. Massage Magazine for me. Hot Rod magazine for hubby.

Hubby meets people at shop.

Feed deer with grain & delicious apples.

Hubby meets Joe & Vince at shop.

I ordered Basalt Massage Stones.

I ordered Massage Stone Heater.

Take Bud & Ben down to see hubby at shop.

Hubby returns home for Heated Stone Massage.

I am exhausted by 8:00PM and take sleeping pills.

Take bath at 9:00PM.

Go to bed.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

A&P Pop Quiz


Woke up at 7:00 with Lil Bit. Hubby had already gone downstairs. I got up and dressed. Then got ready for school.

Hubby did dog water.

Made green tea. Then I drove us in to Rathdrum in the Jeep; got lattes at Jitterz. Hubby got the "special" which was a mocha.

Drove to school. Dropped me off at 8:50. Hubby helped me carry in all my books.

I make up 1 hour from 9-10. School from 10-1pm.

After class was done at 1:00, I met hubby outside. He was taking a nap. There were lots of sirens, ambulance, police, and fire down below when I came out.

We drove over to Post Falls and looked at the property by the river. It is pretty. Odd shape, tho.

Then we drove to Spokane Valley and looked at a Tiny House at the RnR RV Dealership. It was by Winnebago. Oddly expensive at $75,000.

We headed over the highway and to Trent. The Dentist's office was closed for a week so we could not pick up x-ray copies!~

Picked up lattes at Dagny's because both of us were thirsty.

Then drove to Don&Lucille's to pay Don. I went inside to talk briefly with Lucille. She had to leave for a visit to the Dentist.

We then drove to the Garland District to pick up cupcakes at Celebrations. Too much sugar!

Drove to Post Falls again and picked up little apples in the former mobile home lot.

Then drove to Rathdrum and picked up more apples on the ground from a home there. We asked permission from the owner.

Shopped for dog bones & groceries at Stein's. Then drove home.

Picked up junk mail at the mail box. Unloaded groceries. Hubby fed deer.

Hubby went over to Charles' shop to help him test drive a truck.

I put away groceries and refreshed dog water. Gave dogs the bones we had purchased.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015



Got up at 3AM to pee, Got up at 5AM to pee. Hubby wanted to be chatty cathy, but I just went back to sleep. Hubby got up at 6AM to sit downstairs by Bud and rub his back. Lil Bit jumped down off the bed. I slept on until 7:30. Hubby & Lil Bit came back to bed at 7AM to snuggle with me.

Dressed and got ready for school.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs after I left.

It was rainy & overcast today as I drove to school.

Stopped in Rathdrum Jitterz to get a latte. It was cold today and I needed the warmth.

At school, Nick was just getting there and we went inside together. Both making up time from 9-10AM.

Class from 10-1PM.

At 1PM, left school.

Went to get a Pita salad at Pita Pit. Then paid our VISA at the Credit Union. Stupid teller was the same one that was there yesterday. She told me that this "payment" could not be applied to the September owing Payment. I told her that I had already made payment and WHY would the payment not be applied to the amount owing as I was PAYING IT OFF? What an absolute fucking idiot.

Drove home. Ate some of my pita at home. Went to get my nails done at Deralee's. Got hot pink.

Then came back home again. We took the dogs down to the park to walk them, but it was raining severely. We decided to eat a late lunch at Mario's instead. We were the only ones eating there. Food was not very good.

Stopped on the way out of Bayview and got pears from a tree. While we were doing that, Lil Bit got into our box of food and ate it. Then he messed up the truck with the rest of the food. It was a awful mess!

We then drove to the park and walked them around a big triangle at the water tower area of the park. At the park, Lil Bit was walking beside us like he had an upset tummy. Then he got pissed on by standing under Ben when Ben peed on a plant. Hubby was making so many jokes that I started peeing, too. Bit almost stood under me when I peed! I peed on my shoes & pants! Passed a guy that was jogging in the park.

Drove home. I took a hot shower. Changed clothes.

Hubby watched TV. A cop stopped at the abandoned motorcycle across the street to give it a ticket. Then the guy came by at 8:00 to pick up the motorcycle.

It was only 58 degrees by 8:30. Cold night.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015



First day of September!

There is blue sky outside. No smoke. Thank god we can breathe!

I get up at 7:10 after hubby fell out of bed at 7:00. Lil Bit wanted belly rubs & kisses.

Got dressed & studied for the Kines Quiz over Suboccipitals & Splenis Cervicis & Capitis.

Hubby watched tv. He had already folded and put away all the laundry for me.

I left for school at 9:15AM. Had to come back before I left the driveway because I had forgotten my sweater. It was only 55 degrees F when I left for school this morning.

I was going to deposit $ in bank, but their computers were down and the teller wanted to place a 3-day hold on the check. I said Fuck that! Took the check back. That whole episode took 10 minutes at the drive-thru.The idiot teller was named Lauren. I don't think I want to bank here anymore.

Then I drove to school. Got there with 1 minute to spare! Not like me to be late!

Beautiful Day today

I only got 84% because I missed 4 questions that I did not read over carefully and slowly. Stupid.

Got out of school at 1PM. Stopped to get pita salad. Drove home.

Took dogs for walk in park at 3:10PM.

Came back from the park and had watermelon. Hubby ran down to meet a guy at the shop. Ben & Lil Bit escaped thru the gate when hubby drove back to the house. They ran into the woods for 45 minutes. They finally came back at 6:00.

I did homework for Ethics class tomorrow.