Monday, April 29, 2013

Hubby's Birthday & Keratin Treatment


Hubby took the day off today for his birthday. I sang "Happy Birthday" song to him as I carried up a piece of his cake with a candle in it. The dogs jumped on the bed and greeted him.

He got his presents, a Zippo lighter, PJ pants,

I made breakfast eggs & a latte for him. Dogs got their pills. We took dogs for a walk in the Park.

Then drove over to Spokane for errands.

Detailer was not in Spokane, so we drove to drop off my FMF at KRN's instead. Then took the Excursion with dogs up to Don & Lucille's. They were not home & the parts were not outside his garage. So we left.

Came back to KRN's shop & picked up my car. Drove to her house.

Hubby stayed at house with dogs while KRN & I went to get my nails done at Tee's Nails in Airway Heights. She did them VERY quickly within 30 minutes for a full new set and they were GREAT. I want to go back here all the time. Tho, it is so far away from home...

Then KRN drove us back to her house in her Jeep. Hubby and I left KRN with dogs while we drove back up to Don & Lucille's after hubby called them to confirm they were home.

We picked up the parts & drove back to KRN's. Got burgers from McDonalds for the dogs before we arrived at the kids'. Matt had already arrived home and we were in time to pick up Matt & go to the Casino for All You Can Eat Seafood buffet. The kids drove their jeep, we had to take Excursion with Bud & Ben in it.

It was not as good as last time, different kinds of Crab, but no Coconut Shrimp & no Scallops. Food was a little bit greasy.

We got done about 7:30 then went back to kids.

Drove home & stopped at Rathdrum IGA to pick up bones for dogs. May 1st is Bud's Birthday.


Dropped off my car early this morning at the Detailer's house in CDA.  Then hubby dropped me off at Revive Salon in CDA. He was in the Excursion with all the dogs & drove home.

I got done shortly after and hubby came to pick me up. It was windy, cold, and starting to snow! So I wore hubby's leather jacket that was in the truck and he had brought Bud & Ben back with him. We walked the dogs around the Boardwalk in CDA and nobody else was even there! We saw the new construction of the stupid park that is beside the CDA Resort. What an extreme waste of CDA City Taxpayer money!

New hair

Sunday, April 28, 2013



Breakfast. Latte & eggs.

Dog walk in the park. Crazy people park right on top of us while they frantically search for Morel Mushrooms in the woods. Don't they know that dogs should be on leashes?

Delivered truck to CN Diesel. Took Ben & Bud with us. Got horrible coffee at Post Falls Coffee Company and bakery. Almond Joy flavoring in hubby's tasted nothing but chocolate. Mine was ordered with white coffee & given to use as regular dark espresso.

We shopped at Walmart and returned to have the drink corrected, but it only tasted like Almond. They did not add any coconut or chocolate to make it taste like an Almond Joy!

Stopped at bank to make deposit. Got burgers at Wendy's. Washed dodge at car wash.

Tried to get bones at grocery store in Rathdrum, but they were out.

Unpacked groceries at home & gave burgers to dogs. Maggie was shaking & crying when we got home. She can't be left alone anymore.

Took down last of lights around trees. Started tying up lights to sell at garage sale. Hubby fixed the landscape block in the front.

Joe Holman Jr stopped by to pick up parts, and his daughter Lilly came to bring hubby a cookie. She is a sweet little girl. I gave them some of hubby's birthday cake. Lilly wished hubby a happy birthday!

Watched tv & went to bed.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Early Birthday Hubby


Slept late! I got up at 7:30 to let Bud out; I had forgotten the door blockade on the doggie door. So I started getting breakfast ready.

Colder & Cooler today; high of only 50. Overcast & cloudy. Pretty windy too. Chief Meterologist Tom said high winds of 45 mph.

We took the dogs to the park to walk them. Lots of horses there for a horse trail ride. Dogs went ape-shit when they saw them. Had to roll up the windows.

Walked dogs down to the Shooting Range again. What a supreme waste of taxpayer money.

Very sad. Wish they could turn it into an off-road park. It would be wonderful.

Supposedly, according to news reports, it was to reopen in Spring 2013.

After our walk, we gave them water & loaded them up. The weather is very humid. Almost feels like it could rain at any second.

Came back home & unloaded dogs.

Hubby went to shop to work.

I went to Rathdrum at 11:30 to pick up pizzas, buy dog burgers at McD's, and get hubby's cake.

This is what the cake looked like before it accidentally dropped from the seat of my car onto the floor. I managed to recover it and pull hairs out of it and it did not look too bad after that...

Hubby's RMOR birthday cake

He is getting a Zippo lighter, candy, cookies, and PJs for his birthday. The kids are getting him stuff for the Bug-Out-Bag. BOB.

Black Zippo lighter (for B.O.B.)

Friday, April 26, 2013



At the first of the month of April, I had called to schedule a hair appointment & a dog grooming appointment for all the dogs, knowing that Apryl's is usually scheduled far out in advance. Thinking that this would be an ideal situation, where I dropped the dogs off and they were somewhere safe while I sat getting "prettied up". However, the hair stylist had the salon call 1 day before my appointment and advise that she was sick and I needed to reschedule. Very upsetting. But what are you going to do?

So I rescheduled and fortunately hubby took 2 days off for his birthday Monday and Tuesday. He can watch the dogs while I get my hair done.

And I could not reschedule the dogs. They needed baths & Apryl expected me the next day.

After making hubby a latte & breakfast burrito and eggs for the dogs, I got cleaned up and took Ben, Bud, Lil Bit & Maggie to the groomers at 9:30.

Then hubby called and wanted to meet. I drove to Shopko for a quick shopping. Got a huge star, patriotic welcome mat & dish towels.

Hubby's work day. He gets to work in this beautiful area.
 view of cda lake
 frontier truck on road

Met hubby at car wash and washed FMF. Car wash sucked. Did not look like it was cleaned at all. Then we drove to Horizon Credit Union to change our pin codes on cards. Teller could not do it. Said needed to do it at ATM with current pin codes. She had computer mail pin codes out to us again.
Bank was having concrete truck pour concrete thru window; new upgrade to bank.

Parted ways with hubby. I went back to Shopko. Then picked up burgers at Wendy's for dogs. Then stopped at Rathdrum Grocery for cake order.

Need to remember to pick up cake at 11:30 on Saturday.

Came home. Gave burger to Isabelle. Did laundry & dishes. Made beds. Cleaned up dog poo.

Went to pick up doggies at 3:00. Met hubby at Costco for a quick kiss at 3:30. Then drove home with puppies. They were all clean, soft & smelled extra good.

At home, gave burgers to doggies. Did 2 hours on the elliptical.

Hubby came home late because he had to haul a skidsteer for Kevin R. I hate Kevin R. He is a flake. Kevin always expects hubby to help him. It is honestly making hubby more stressed out. I wish Kevin would be more sensitive. He is 1/2 hubby's age and has NO clue at all.


Made hubby's burrito & latte. I found his old burritos in the garbage, so I threw the rest of them away as he must not be eating them. I will go back to making him an egg sandwich instead. Made eggs for the dogs & they ate them up right away!

Then hubby left for work with the Excursion. He said that he was still moving furniture into the "Frontier Hospitality Room" at the RV Show this weekend at the Fairgrounds. They had wanted him to work there on Sunday or Saturday but I threw a fit because it his birthday weekend and he took off Monday & Tuesday so that he could get out of town & have a 4 day weekend.

It was very warm today. Reached up to 70 degrees after all this cold, it felt good. We need to install the swamp cooler ASAP. Dogs are alternating sleeping in the sun, and coming inside in the laundry room on the cool tile or in front of the fans I have going in the house.

Lots of stink bugs everywhere. I vacuumed the problem area that the carpenter ants are eating and pulled up the board. They have gotten into the baseboard & we will have to fix that this weekend.

Did laundry. Washed Isabelle's bedding. Vacuumed. Exercised 2 hours on the elliptical.

Maggie is farting SO very badly. She was farting badly yesterday & the day before. I think it is time to change their food. When I pick up their poo, a lot of it is a little bit too soft & runny.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Progress on Bug Out Bag


Made breakfast burrito for hubby & latte. Then made eggs for dogs.

Hubby had to take a truck into CN Diesel and collect his Dodge, so he left early.

I collected some of the stuff for the bug-out bag. For hubby's birthday present, I ordered him a Zippo lighter for the Bug Out Bag. BOB. Hope it gets here in time for his b-day.

Also did 2 hours on my elliptical.

Hubby came home and ate dinner. Then went down to the shop for 1 hour.

Later in the day, I started to ache everywhere. Body aches and pains like I am coming down with the flu. Went to bed early at 9:00.


I slept in late and hubby left. Got up to make eggs for dogs. I still hurt all over.

Think I will try ordering a couple things online for the Bug Out Bag.

I already have:

1/ Walkie Talkies

2/ Documentation & Vaccinations for all Dogs

3/ Blast Match Firestarter

4/ One pair Doggles (for Lil Bit)

 5/ Both of us have Leathermen tools on our keychains

6/ Emergency Fund Money

7/ Silver coins

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bug Out Bag


24 degrees when we woke up. Ice on deck. The deck man door had frozen shut!

Made hubby breakfast & latte after getting up. Then did dishes and laundry.

No Dr Who on this morning as the BBC America channel was observing Earth Day with a marathon of Planet Earth shows.

I worked on accounting in library while dogs peppered the air with egg farts. Made a few donations to various charities.

Fed the deer. Brr. Cold.

Have been talking to the hubby all weekend about making a "Go Bag" and I will start on it today.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

4X4 Rock Crawl & Sunday Fun


Took dogs for walk in Farragut Park. Brr. Very cold. Somewhat rainy & wet. Took them to the end of the park and somebody just HAD to park right on top of us. Nobody else in the park, tho.

I gave the dogs bones so they were bone cracking all day.

Then hubby brought us home and he went to the 4X4 Rock Crawl at Joe Jr's Automotive Shop Grand Opening in Rathdrum, Idaho.

I got really sick, coughing with sore throat. Felt like I had pneumonia because it burnt to breathe. Somebody sitting on my chest. Thought I would need to go to doctor.

By the time hubby came home, I was weak but feeling better. Very odd. It is Isabelle's birthday; she is 9 years old so we went to Rathdrum Grocery. On the way we noticed that the Eggs For Sale sign was out and we stopped. The really nice couple that just moved to Idaho from San Diego decided they would start a farm. They increased their chicken herd and also added cows. So we can get our fresh eggs from them.

At the grocery store, we got garlic bread to go along with spaghetti. Also got birthday cupcakes for Izzy. Stopped at McDonalds for hamburgers to go along with Izzy's birthday.

Hubby went down to the shop for a couple hours to meet a guy that was picking up a truck. I made dinner. When he got home, we ate. Then went to bed later.


Slept late until 9AM today. We were both very tired.

Got up and made new fresh chicken eggs omelette. Fresher egg taste was pretty good. Dogs liked it. Then we went for a walk in the park. Rained. 

We got home and unloaded dogs. I changed clothes and we went to Sandpoint with Bud & Ben in the Xcursion to pick up a bumper that hubby was buying for the Dodge dually. Got it from a woman that listed it on Craigslist. On the drive there, it rained, hailed & snowed. We met her at the Cinemas by the mall as she was taking her son to see a movie there. Then hubby and I stopped at grocery store next door to get dryer bar that we had forgotten to purchase yesterday. Hubby also picked up salads in the deli.

Drove home thru rain & hail.

Unloaded groceries and hubby made burgers for dinner. Watched tv & rested.

Friday, April 19, 2013

rainy days


It was cold and rained all day today.  I fell asleep in front of the fireplace.

Around 2:00, it quit raining for a while & the sun came out so the dogs and I went out to pick up poo. I had an attack of bad tummy. Stepped in poo and had to wash my whole outfit. Yuck.

Hubby came home early as he had started work at 7:30 this morning. He talked to us for a while, then went down to the shop, taking Isabelle with him.

Around 6:00, Nanook came over and the dogs started barking again. Wish they would learn to keep their dog at home, or on a leash. Maybe a fence?

Ben started digging under the fence outside and I had to yell at him, made him come inside.

Maggie stays inside on rainy days

Lil Bit likes to sit outside when it rains. He has rain proof fur.

Lil Bit between the beds, not ON the beds

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so that hubby can take something with him tomorrow morning for Joe Jr's Grand Opening at his new shop in Rathdrum.

It started raining HEAVILY  around 9:00PM.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forgot To Post


Made hubby a latte & burrito. Made eggs for the dogs.

Did 2 hours on my elliptical.

Hubby came home and sat with us for the night after he met some people at the shop at 6PM.


Cleaned house. Vacuumed, Dusted, Cleaned windows, Washed dog bedding, Steam cleaned floor.

Did 2 hours on my elliptical.

Ben vomited in the yard; a whole lot of uneaten dog food. So I was somewhat concerned. I was going to watch him to make sure he was OK.

Ben chewing a stick

Ben sleeping

Picked up Tramadol pills for Isabelle at Vets at 4:30.

Hubby came home and organized work at shop. Then came to the house at 6:00.

Went to Spokane with hubby to drop off stuff at Don & Lucille's. Stopped at Big R for dog food & deer food. Took Maggie in with us. She made a hit with the girls at the cash register.

Hubby drove up Division because I hate going to Spokane at night. Talked to Lucille while hubby discussed parts with Don. Left dogs in truck. Then we drove to the Valley for Arby's burgers for dogs & to get Krispy Kreme donuts for hubby's work buddies. Ben vomited in the Xcursion so I had to clean it up while hubby walked dogs. Somebody had smashed glass in a plastic bag nearby where we park the Xcursion, so I had to move the vehicle so dogs would not walk into the shards.

We drove to Stateline where hubby got gasoline and I walked Lil Bit. Then we got groceries at Kmart. Let a couple cut in front of us because they had a baby and only had one thing to get - Cigarettes! Assholes. A small baby out at 10PM at night, and the father asked for the "cheapest smokes you have". OMG. Get a clue & quit smoking around your kid you POS.

Drove home and unloaded. Went to bed at 11:30.


Made hubby breakfast & latte. He took a shower this morning. We watched to see if Ben would poop, but he did nothing outside. So I decided to make a Vet appointment for him.

At 8:00, I called the Vet. We went in at 9:45. I took Bud & Lil Bit with us and they waited in the car. The Vet took X-rays. I left Bud's fecal sample for testing.

After viewing the X-rays, the Vet decided it was Gastroenteritis; an inflammation of the gastric tract. So he prescribed medicine and a bland diet for a few days. 

When we came home, I went out to pick up poo. I had already given Ben his pills. Ben ate a little grass outside and then vomited 3 times, mostly bile. Along with the grass. I searched through the vomit, but did not find the pills. 

I exercised for a couple hours. 

When we came home

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sad News


Hubby left this morning without waking me up. He left really early around 6:20.

I did dishes, laundry, and picked up lots of poo.

Went to get the mail on my bike.

Today is Lil Bit's Birthday. He is 4 years old.

A tragedy in Boston. At the Boston Marathon, two bombs were set off. Lots of people were injured.

Picked hubby up at 4:30 at work. We got burgers at Wendy's for the dogs.

Came home and hubby met customers at 6:00 in the shop. By 7:15, he was spending the night with us at the house. Watched a little bit of TV and went ot bed early.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

casual day


Cold. Brrrr. 32 degrees when we wake up. Slept in until 7:30.

Started to make breakfast.

Then hubby went down to shop to work for a while.

Ben sleeps on our bed

When he came home, we loaded dogs up and went on a LONG 2 mile new walk at Farragut Park.

Drove to Spirit Lake to grocery shop. Got turkey breast to bake.

Came home and unloaded groceries. Made the turkey.

Hubby had dinner.

Watched tv & rested. Lazy Sunday.

Saturday, April 13, 2013



Made hubby latte & warmed a burrito for him. He went to work early because he had to drop off rear end at CN Diesel.

Cooked eggs for dogs. Cleaned up house, did dishes & laundry. Fed deer.

At 11:30, took Bud & Ben with me to pick up KRN at the Post Falls Les Schwab.

Beebo was really hyper & excited. KRN left Matt's truck at the tire center so they could put on his new tires. Then we drove to the CDA dog park to walk dogs. Bud got into a couple fights, and even tried to menace a young puppy along with Ben. This is not like Bud. He is usually easy-going.

I saw a former co-worker from the NOMC there at the park. But for the life of me, I can't remember her name! (Her name was Shelley; only took me a week to remember!)

Then hubby came to test drive the FMF because it felt like the brake was on while driving it. He said that the tire was low on air and the ABS system kicks in. So we went to the CDA Les Schwab and had them fill the tires with air. Then over to Costco for gasoline. By that time, KRN's hair girl had called and said she finished an hour early if KRN wanted to come early!

We drove downtown and parked right in front of the studio (2 hour free parking). KRN started to get her hair done. I waited. Then later, I walked dogs. Ben was walked first and we ran into a guy that really petted him & remarked how beautiful he was. Then I walked Bud and finally Beebo. Hearing sirens coming from quite a distance, I mentioned to Bravo that they might be going to a fire, maybe we could see firetrucks! Beebo was quite excited about that! While on Coeur d'Alene Street, we saw an SUV that went flying by us speeding about 50 in a 25 zone. He blew threw a red street light & a stop sign. Then turned on 1st & Coeur d'Alene Street almost hitting an older man that was parking his truck. The older man pointed to where the SUV had turned when the two CDA police and Kootenai Sheriff police cars when by us. I was standing with my mouth agape and didn't even think of getting out my cell phone and videoing it! DUMB. I could have had an exclusive to give to the news channels.

KRN finally got done with her hair and we left. Stopped at Wendy's to get cheeseburgers for the dogs & a snack for KRN. Then I dropped her off at Les Schwab again to pick up Matt's truck.

I drove home. Hubby was at Costco returning stupid cookware & getting groceries. He finally got home at 5:45.

Puppies were happy to see me home. Bit kissed me and Maggie kept bumping me and trying to hug me!

 More Deer

Hubby did not want to go to shop, so he napped for a while on the couch after making himself dinner and we watched the Archer season finale.


Hubby slept in until 8:00 when Isabelle got up and had to pee. I got up and let her out. It was unusual for her to go out so early because she usually waits until after hubby leaves in the morning to go outside.

I made latte for hubby & warmed him a burrito. Then made eggs for dogs. And then I baked Blueberry & Raspberry muffins for the guys at the shop today. Only Lane came in today. Then Bruce S was down at shop with hubby when I went to get mail. #3 is on Hawaii vacation and Tim is working at his "real" job.


Hubby and I went to pick up a truck at CN Diesel; hubby drove the Dodge down. We took Ben, Bud & Isabelle with us. The dogs really had no room in the back seat & were very uncomfortable riding there. We stopped at Rathdrum Stein's grocery so that I could get milk for hubby's lattes & bones for the dogs.

We came home with hubby driving the truck & me driving the Dodge with dogs.

After we got home, I picked up poo in the back yard with dogs.

 Maggie in the sun on the deck
 Maggie relaxes

I made pizza for guys at shop and later made Brownies.

It started snowing. Very cold today. And windy.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week END Update


Ben woke up again at sunrise around 5AM. I plodded into bed with Maggie. Hubby rolled over and put his arm around Ben thinking it was me! LOL He was surprised.

Got up and made latte & warmed burrito in oven. Made eggs for dogs.

Went out and fed the deer.

dogs on deck

Did laundry & dishes.

Polished my poor little fingernails with Nail Envy. Hoping that this is going to make them strong & long. Just too bad that I did not get a proper manicure.

Vacuumed and cleaned up after dogs.

Picked up poo.

 Wild flowers in the back yard
 More beautiful wild flowers

Cool today.

Hubby came home and went down to shop to work. Bud, Maggie and I went down to see him around 6:30 when some people came to pick up a boat. We greeted them and the lady was holding their Shih Tzu.

Got the mail and came back home.

Hubby got home around 10:00, watched Hannibal with me and fell asleep on the couch. 


Got up again when Ben woke up and stretched. Then I made latte & burrito again for hubby. He went to work early because he had to drop off rear end at CN Diesel.

Did laundry & dishes. Made another latte for me.

Fed deer.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At Least It's Not Snow


More rain. and More rain. And more Rain. Yuck.

Made hubby a latte & packed him a burrito that I had stored in the fridge to thaw last night. After doing "squishy dog" with Isabelle, Ben & Maggie, he took off for work in the Dodge.

I did dishes, laundry, and vacuumed again.

It rained today. And rained. And rained. Dogs were depressed and slept most of today.

New polish

Hubby came home at 5:00 and we delivered a truck on the bumpy road down by Rathdrum. Then went over to see Earl Kasperson who is selling his tools. He is tool old, can't hear very well, and has a touch of alzheimers so he cannot work anymore. So sad. Hubby bought a lot of his tools.

Stopped at Athol grocery for milk then came home.

Spent the night with the dogs.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013



Cold, turning on the fireplace to get warm. Snow falling and turning into hail. Yuck. Then in the afternoon it gets a little warmer but not much.

After making hubby a latte & sandwich because he forgot to set out a burrito - he froze them all, I fed the dogs their leftovers.

Then did a little cleaning around the house.

Nanook from the neighbor's came over again and the dogs started barking! So I went out to catch him. He came right to me and I snapped a leash on him. He walks with me just fine.

Then I walked him over to neighbors. The wife, Grace... was getting in her car to come find the dog. We talked and she invited me inside to see the puppies that her other dog - Sophie had just recently given birth to. There were 11 little puppies that were adorable sleeping together on a blanket in their back room.

Dave came out of the bedroom in only his pajama bottoms & was drinking coffee in the kitchen. He said he had opened the door and could not find Nanook. So the dog was out again! We saw him running across the road, right back to my house. Grace and I walked to our house again where it was quite difficult to get him. I had to go get ham from the house to coax him to us.

Then we talked for a while more and Grace went home.

I cleaned the house, picked up poo, and did laundry & dishes.

In the afternoon, I exercised.

Hubby came home around 6:00 after picking up some nail polish for me at Ulta and then he went down to the shop until 11:00 to work.


Already warmer today, but not by much. However, the sun is shining and the dogs are outside on the deck soaking up the rays!

 Ben in the Library on the window seat

Isabelle, Bud & Ben on the deck

Again, Nanook was over at our house at 9:00 this morning. So I got some ham and snapped the leash on him while he was eating. Walked him back over to the neighbors. The other neighbor drove her car down the road & was taking her kids to preschool said that the dog had been at her house all morning.

Nanook (the escapee)

When I knocked on the door to give him to the neighbors, the hubby was in underwear! No shirt, nothing else. And Nanook bucked & tried to get away. I wonder if they are abusing him? They were not even out in the yard looking for him. I am through with them. Just because you move out into the country does not mean that you can let your dog run wild. I am calling the Dog Control next time.

I did laundry, did dishes, vacuumed and polished my nails. I think I will also soak my feet for a while.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

So Much Rain


Woke up to more rain. Ben got into bed with hubby at 5am. I went in to sleep with Maggie. Maggie is so very warm like snuggling with a heating pad.

Then at 8am, hubby's phone turned on and started ringing. Who the fuck is calling this early on a Sunday? Is it life or death. No. Just an idiot wanting parts. Idiots.

So I rolled out of bed and started to make breakfast with the Crockpot Casserole I made yesterday.

Also made a latte for hubby. Dogs had their own separate eggs.

Then we sat around waiting for the rain to quit. At 11:30, we got the dogs harnessed up and went up to Sandpoint for a dog walk.

We stopped at the Wrecking yard so that hubby could pay a guy for a rear end.

It was still raining and my pants were soaked up about 8 inches when we were finished with our walk in Dover.

Afterwards we drove to Big R and got dog food & deer food. I found a couple neat things to think about for Mother's Day and showed them to hubby. I want this!

Before we had gone into Big R for shopping, Ben accidentally stepped on Lil Bit. Lil Bit cried for quite a while, but hubby checked him out thoroughly and it did not look like anything was broken or damaged. When we got out of the store, we gave him pain medication.

Hubby managed to purchase a Girl Scout box of cookies - Samoas - and they were $4.25. For only 15 cookies. What a rip-off. I remember that the boxes used to be MUCH larger with lots more cookies when I sold them.

Met a guy in the parking lot at Big R to refund money for parts. He is thinking about buying the Grey Dodge.

We drove over to WalMart where hubby ran into get sugar & eggs & buns for his ham sandwiches.

Stopped in town to get Arby burgers for the dogs, then drove home.

Unloaded groceries while it started hailing. Hubby had a ham sandwich, then started making burritos with the Crockpot Breakfast Casserole that I had made.

We packed up the Kirkland cookware to return tomorrow. Then we transported all the plants from the basement onto the back deck. It is started to look like summer around here!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Weekend!


We slept in late (8:00AM!) and Ben forced me out of bed at 6:00 so I went in the spare room to sleep with Maggie. I was absolutely dead to the world until Lil Bit jumped off the other bed and came in to beg to sleep with us.

At 6:00AM, it had been raining really hard, so I thought we would not be able to walk.

So I got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. I warned him not to drop this one like he had the day before!

The rain cleared up somewhat and we got the dogs ready to go for a walk at the park. I quickly made Banana Bread and stuck it in the oven.

We took a new trail at the park because there was nobody else walking for fear of rain. The dogs LOVED the new walk. So many new smells! Hubby thought we were getting lost on the trails, but we got back to the truck ok.

When we returned to the house, I quickly took the bread out of the oven & sliced it so that hubby could take it down to the shop for the guys to snack on.

I almost made the Slow Cooker Sausage Breakfast. Put Cheese, Eggs, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Sausage & Hash Browns in slow cooker. At 7:30 tonight it should be done. It smells SO good.

Picked up dog poo outside in between hailing. Rain and hail today. Very cold outside.

Hubby has a dentist appointment at 4:00 in Post Falls so he should be leaving around 3:30.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Hair Day (Again)


Made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. Drove him down to the shop in the Dodge so that he could take a car into work for people to pick up. When he loaded his stuff into the car, he dropped his latte on the ground. Bad.

Did laundry & dishes.

Fed the deer.

I am going to get my nails & hair done today. Decided that my nails don't  have any fungus on them, they are just severely damaged from all the time with product on them. So I want to try the gel polish to see if they get stronger from that.

At 10:30, Bud & Ben & Bit were loaded up in the truck and went with me to wait at my appointments. It is still fairly cool here, rain clouds overhead & raining. So they will be perfectly fine in the truck waiting with windows partially down. I always park in the back of the parking lot so they will take naps & be fine. During my appointment, I will go out and check on them to make sure they are OK and I leave water for them.

My appointment with Rhonda is at 11:00 and I get my nails covered in red gel polish. Very nice. They no longer hurt as much.

At 11:30, Carol is just finishing up with somebody and then it is my turn. She highlights my hair very nicely. Does quite a good job. At 1:30 I am already done.

We drive over to McDonalds to get burgers for the dogs.

Then home where I give them their treats.

Hubby comes home at 5:45 as he worked overtime.

He goes down to the shop to work.

I go to bed at 12:00. Hubby comes home at 2:00 in the morning. A late night.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cooler ToDaY


Hubby got up extra early and took the Dodge into work so that he could meet the guy to unlock the Excursion as he had locked his keys in it last night.

I made egg sandwich & latte for him. Shared the leftover eggs with the dogs.

My fingernails hurt SO bad. So I texted Rhonda first thing this morning to find out if she had time for me to do Gel polish on my nails. The Gel might help retain my nails from chipping, cracking & breaking while they heal.

I picked up dog poo in the backyard and refilled the water barrel again. It is not retaining water and we might have to replace it. Boo.

Then I got the hose and put it in the upper pond to clean out the water. Bud had tried drinking out of the lower pond yesterday and I had to yell at him. The water was dirty.

By 2:00 it got lots cooler & started to rain.

Got my new cookware today, but it looks more cheaply made than the Kirkland brand. WTF? No quality out of China anymore.

Also got my perfume from Lancome & various samples from them delivered by Fed Ex.

The neighbors are over across the street with Andy and his backhoe. They have been digging all day. Hubby joked that they are probably burying the dead horses that the cowboys left there when they moved out!

Started raining around 3:00PM.

*I actually observed that they are BURYING all the horse poo that was left in a pile when the cowboys moved out.

Lane H came to work on picking up branches & pinecones. It was raining severely when he came at 4:00PM and worked until 7:00PM. He also bundled up all the extension cords in the garage.

Hubby came home at 5:15PM and went down to work at shop until 10:00PM. We tried to watch Archer, but he fell asleep.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Getting Warmer


Hump day is here and it is getting warmer every day. This morning it was 46 when we got up.

I made sandwich & latte for hubby, gave leftover eggs to dogs. They took a nap for an hour.

Went out to pick up poo later.

Around 2:00, I got ready to leave. Took Bed & Bud with me in the Dodge.

We picked up McDonalds burgers before we went to my appointment.

Got my nails taken off and finished around 3:00. Rhonda did my toenails with gel polish that looked to be pretty strong.

Then hubby called me and asked me to come pick him up. He had locked his keys in the Excursion. We drove over to Frontier to pick him up. The guys coming out of work thought that we had a puppy. We told him Ben WAS a puppy and he is only 6 months old! Ben is a big dog!

Stopped at Walmart to pick up a couple things we forgot from yesterday. Tried to find a checkout and ALL the self-checkout lines were full. Some lady was having lots of trouble when just buying ONE watermelon. Some other lady dropped her milk and had a complete meltdown. Another couple had to have the cashier run their card because they were having problems. Hubby was going to scream. So I took off down the checkout lanes to find another line. I finally got right into the 10 items or less line and nobody else was there. I paid for everything & had everything in the bag by the time hubby walked up behind me.

We drove home and hubby went down to work at shop until 11PM.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

WARMER Spring Weather


It was quite cold this morning when we woke up. About 30 degrees.

I made breakfast & latte for hubby. He left for work after giving the puppies their pills.

Then I went outside and started picking up poo again. I had about 9 more bags gathered. Then out front another bag from Izzy's poo over the winter. The yard is looking better now.

But hubby's snowplowing efforts have made the yard look a mess. Lots to clean up. Rocks & blocks askew everywhere.

By the late afternoon, it was about 68 degrees. Very warm. Most of the snow is gone. There are just isolated pockets where there is still snow; mostly places that are in the shade all the time.

This morning, I started working in my sweatshirt but had to take it off later because it became too warm.

I also started taking lights off trees. Got about 1/2 way done.

Hubby had to go directly to the shop and work tonight because a couple people wanted their boats out early. He had to get one out so that Gary from the Marina could come get it.

Then hubby came home about 8:30 after delivering a truck up to the Bunco for an older gentleman. We watched tv for a while, then went to bed.


Ben had woken me up really early this morning and I let him on the bed with hubby while I slept with Maggie for a while. Then Lil Bit came and wanted into bed with us. Even tho Maggie growls at him, she allows me to put him on the bed with us. Lil Bit curled up next to me and slept for another 1/2 hour.

I got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby. He left for work in Excursion.

Still no proof of insurance for the FMF from the insurance company.

I went out and picked up dog poo. Almost done. Easy to get the fresh stuff now. I also took down the lights on the dog fence. Then took down lights from the rest of the trees! Bud helped me take down the lights out front. He sniffed & investigated everything; from the deer feeding area to the shop to the garage & beyond. Although he wanders a bit, he is sure to stick around mommy!

When I was in the backyard, I had to zip-tie some fencing that had come loose. I heard barking from the dogs and tried to see what they were so concerned about. Lil Bit raced to the deck, so I went up there to find out what was going on; Maggie was growling & jumping up - her hackles were up! I looked over the side of the deck and saw a big black & white dog!

Walking thru the house, I grabbed a leash in the laundry room because I had noticed a collar on the dog. The dog was friendly & peeing on everything. I snapped the leash on him, but he had no tag. I remembered that the former neighbor had pulled into his home across the road with a backhoe on a trailer, so I thought it might be his dog. We started walking across the street.

Halfway to the neighbor's house, a U-Haul van pulled down the road. The owner jumped out and claimed his dog. They are our new neighbors - Dave & Grace Swanson and the dog was Nanook. He looked to be a cross between a Lab, a Husky & a German Shepherd.

I came back home and kept picking up more poo.

Made a tea and sat down for a while. Then took plants up to deck.

Cooler today. Only 60 degrees with clouds. I kept my sweatshirt on today!

Hubby got home around 5:00 and went down to shop to meet with a guy that was dropping off a vehicle. Bud & Isabelle went down to the shop with him. Bud jumped out the window of the Excursion and greeted everybody, then trotted home. He did not even notice the deer that were out front feeding. I did not know he was on the deck and he waited patiently until hubby came home to let him inside the house.

While hubby was down at the shop, he had to get a boat out of storage also. However, the tire on the trailer was flat. So he had to roll his floor jack out, roll around in the dirt, and take out the air compressor. And the customer offered NO money for all this! Cheap asses. 

When hubby came back, we packed the dogs up and took a quick walk in Farragut Park. Dogs really loved it.

After we stopped to pick up water at the gas station, (hubby talked to guy that works there with his arm in a sling. when the guy was 16 years old he had a horrific motorbike accident and barely made it out alive - his arm is paralyzed and that is why he wears it in a sling) dirtbag smoking guy walked into the store & put out his cigarette in the garbage - I almost expected it to explode in fire! Why are people such asses? Anyway, when hubby got back in the truck with a gallon of distilled water for the dogs, he REEKED LIKE GROSS CIGARETTE SMOKE - just by walking past this lowlife! Gag.

We gave the dogs water, then drove into Walmart to get groceries.

After groceries, we got cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's. Then home again to unload groceries & go to bed. I was exhausted.