Thursday, July 29, 2010

What A Week!

On Tuesday I cleaned & vacuumed. KRN came over late at night. Hubby got home around 6:00.

KRN & I went to get nails done Wednesday after she finished working at DeraLee's latte stand. K got home by noon and we hurried into town. Got pedicures & fixed my toenails & nails. It took until 3:30 before we were finally done.

Wednesday night we went to check out a espresso stand for sale in Airway Heights. Too much money & too unusual layout to be able to work efficiently. Stopped at K's home to pick up a few things...Ate at Rocky Rococco's Pizza downtown Spokane in our favorite booth.

Thursday was extremely hot. We took Bud & Angus to the vet at 10:30. Bud had scabs that were not healing. He was prescribed antibiotics again. Angus got shots. Weighed Bit. He is up to 17 pounds. Fat Schipperke! Bravo got his toenails clipped.

K went to work at DeraLee's in the afternoon. I sat on the deck with the dogs & read dog books. I vacuumed the FMF. Hubby came home around 8:00 from trying to sell the Helicopter truck in Spokane Valley.

The Fire Smart dorks finally got done with the neighbors yard. Yippee Yahoo. Hopefully we are finished with the extensive dirt & dust. But now we can see the cowboys & their cows, horses & pathetic handmade corral. Smell horse & cow piss & crap. Double Yippee.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Manic Monday

Packed boxes of books for shipment to Pit Bull Rescue. Watered plants. Picked up dog poo. Read books on the deck while dogs lounged around with me. I also saw a beautiful green hummingbird fly past me as I reclined on the deck.

Hubby came home later & he rested in the A/C for a while. We walked dogs at Farragut Park after dropping off B&J's hat at their house. Isabelle was in fine form at the park, running around. She is quite recovered from her bug bite of the other day.

Spied the first caterpillar of the season.


Sunday, July 25, 2010


On Saturday morning I ran into CDA to get my Isagenix delivery. Talked to Heather. She was very nice & sweet. On the way, I had stopped at an espresso stand in town to get a drink.

Went home & spent the rest of the day with the dogs. Was a very relaxing day.

Hubby came home & we drove to WalMart to pick up a few necessities. Stopped to pick up bacon cheeseburgers for the dogs. They went wild when we arrived home.

The nasty cowboy neighbor was using a piece of equipment until 11:30PM making dust & chopping down trees. I am complaining to DEQ on Monday.

Early Sunday morning the nasty cowboy neighbor started in with the equipment at 6:00AM. It was horrible. No rest for us this weekend.

Packed up the FMF & went to pick up Joanie & Bruce. Had to stop to get gasoline in Spirit Lake & sunglasses for Joanie at Cabelas. Then drove to KRLN's house. B&J had a quick tour.

All of us went over to Fairchild Air Force Base for the AirFest Show. It was extremely hot & boring this year. Not as many planes due to the recession. Long waits in between planes flying overhead. We finally moved from the flightdeck tarmac to the grass by the smokers. It was lots cooler. Got a Hawaiian Ice to cool off, refreshed our water bottles. Hubby got a hot dog early on in the morning. KRLN & I got hot dogs later in the afternoon. We also had to buy extra umbrellas to keep the sun off our little bodies. Did I say it was extremely hot?

KRLN got something in her eye & it watered badly. Had to flush it with water. She rested on the grass for a while until hubby made the decision to pack up early, beat the traffic & go to KRLN's house to finish watching the show. Only thing left was the ThunderBirds.

It was much cooler at K's house. Beebo was glad to see us. We got water & put our feet up. K put her feet in the kiddie pool! Fed Beebo the rest of the Kettle Korn.

Finally took Bruce & Joanie home. They gave us the gifts that they had not been able to give M&K for their housewarming. Very nice of them.

When we arrived home, we both got water again & something to munch on that was healthy. Then the dogs started barking outside.

See what they were barking at? It was adorable! Quite a wonderful finish to the day. Woot! We win.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Forgot to Blog

I can't even remember what we have been up to...Aspertame Alzheimers.
In texting, instead of LOL, we are sometimes using just "L" because not everything is Laughing Out Loud funny, sometimes it is just funny. L.
Or SOL - Snickering Out Loud.
Hubby had several days off for vacation. Sat 17 through Wed 21.

He worked in the shop on Saturday July 17. On Sunday July 18 we walked dogs, went to store to get supplies for KRLN's antique windows, & repair implements for our broken toilet.
Monday July 19...At 6PM, we drove to Bayview Community Center for Fire Meeting - hubby failed to attain the open Fire Commissioner position. He had a really crappy interview.

Tuesday July 20. Drove midway to Spokane airport when helicopter truck buyer called. Hubby had gotten the days wrong & buyer was actually coming on Wednesday. Thank goodness he called or we would have waited for nothing. We got camp chairs at Cabellas. After we got back home, we walked dogs at Farragut Park & also down by Priest River. All the dogs went into the water. First the swamp, then along the river. Bud & Harriet got quite a drink. Angus was scared of water, but even Isabelle lapped up a little water while standing next to Bit.

When hubby loaded Isabelle, we noticed that her leg was swollen to double the size. He gave her a couple Benadryl when we got home, but it worried us.

Wednesday July 21 Called Vet early morning and took Isabelle in by 8:15AM- he gave her an injection & Rimadyl prescription. She started feeling drowsy & slept the rest of the day.
Got stuff ready to take to KRLN's and drove to her place. She gave us a nice lunch while hubby fixed her tub.
We then picked up guy from Minnesota at the Spoky-Jo airport at 1:00pm who was POSITIVE that he wanted to buy the Helicopter truck, but he reneged on the deal. Never even tried to drive it. He just whined that there were dents in it. Sounded like he wanted us to reduce the price over $2000--Ended up hauling his fat ass all the way back to the airport (1 hour each way. Total of 4 wasted hours.) and he never even offered to pay for gas or the soda pop that hubby bought him. Freak. Never again. 

Zac was mowing when we got home the first time.

After dropping off the freak, we stopped at KRLN's home again. Took her to the Loco Dogz in downtown Cheney because they were supposed to have really great hotdogs. KRLN fed a special one to Beebo & then ate most of mine.

THURSDAY, July 22. Went to CDA library to meet Brittany who had a pit bull that she was trying to give away. Great dog, just didn't look like a pit! Looked exactly like Harriet, only taller & skinny.

Met KRLN at Costco in the Valley (took forever to drive there. too many slow drivers on interstate) and got her headboard. Then over to Lowe's to shop for new hammer for Greg (black boy instead of blue boy). Hubby "names" his hammers. The last hammer was blue; thus - Blue Boy. This hammer is black; thus - Black Boy. I also got a new watering wand. It took forever to drive home what with traffic, detours & the time-space continumum
Sissy KRLN had gotten the puppies a surprise - Dog Bones. So I dispensed them out to all of the puppies. They were so excited. Gnawed on them for hours. Then took extremely long naps. Dog crack.

FRIDAY July 23. Went to CDA to get my nails done, but there were over 16 women waiting to get their pedicures & manicures done. I went to wash FMF & there were 7 cars in line for the auto wash. So I got out and washed it myself. Got done really fast. Drove on interstate to Post Falls to dry car, then picked up Wendy's for dogs. Went to Horizon to get cash for latte lady.

Came home, fed bacon cheezeburgers to dogs then loaded up Bud & Bit to go to latte stand. DaraLee was surprised to see the money - I got her 1's and 5's to pay for our bill!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun Times

KRL-N came over on Wednesday. I had worked tirelessly to get the Dodge & FMF cleaned out once again. Then vacuumed & cleaned the house before she came. We relaxed around the house for a while before hubby came home. K went to a "tupperware" party at her friends' house in Sandpoint while hubster & I watched Hot Tub Time Machine. Excellent movie. Then watched it again when K came home!

On Thursday K & I went shopping at the Valley Mall & in CDA. DaraLee invited us into the latte "hut" to look around & inspect. KRL-N had lots of questions and said that DaraLee is her mentor. K wants to purchase the latte hut that she is working at right now. Needs to have guidance on different aspects. DaraLee is excited. Took the FMF and went to Hollister, Penneys, Aeropostale & AE. Then to Petco. Got cheeseburgers for the dogs, a chix wrap for me & french fries for K.

K decided that she had had enough of watching the advertisements on TV for Crabfest at Red Lobster. So we went to eat at Red Lobster that night. During the end of the meal, I got cramps...had to come home hurriedly so that I could dose myself with aspirin. Instead of having a firepit fire, we went to bed early.

Staying overnight again, K decided that we could go shopping again to make some returns for her. Took her Jeep instead. Friday night we finally had the firepit cookout. K decided that we should have hotdogs & s'mores over the fire. It was fun. Got tired & came inside to go to bed at 11:30.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clean Freak

The hubby accused me via text Tuesday of being a clean freak. I did vacuum the FMF & Dodge today while cleaning both of them from top to bottom. He wants me to get the Mustang out and clean it also, but I used a whole bottle of Fantastic just cleaning the two cars. Have to get more cleaner. I am not green.

Watered plants. Froggy is missing. Have not seen him for the last 2 days. Think he might have gotten eaten by the birds. Poor little froggy. KRL-N and I might have to get more frogs at Frogs-R-Us when we shop on Thursday. KRL-N is coming over on Wednesday to stay a while.

DaraLee is now open at the latte stand until 6PM. Thank god. I can now latte til late at night!

Took the dogs for the Wild Dog Walk at 7:00 when hubby came home. However, Bud & Harriet decided to run off into the woods & panic us. They were both missing for over 25 minutes. Finally they came back to the road in separate directions. Both of them were panting so much it looked like they would have heart attacks.

FREEZING cold tonight. How it can be summer & still be so cold...I don't understand. 60 degrees F.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cooler & Windy

Went down to the shop several times on Saturday to get pics of the new project. Hubby wanted me to get a pic of his "Project Heavy Hauler" which is essentially his new dually!

I finally went to the shop for the last time at 4:30 and told him he had to clean up & close up shop so that we could go over to KRL-N's for the weekend. We packed & loaded all the dogs into the Dodge and started over there. Told K to bring us home lattes when she came home from work at 6PM. We finally got to her house a little after 6. Bravo was excited. All the dogs went in by the side fence. Harriet was upset at the noise of the air conditioner & bolted back to the truck. Greg brought her in seperately.

We spent a while unpacking, then hubby was starvingly hungry. I refrained from eating today as I wanted to share my one meal of the day with the family. So we went over to Airway Heights to eat at the great Mexican Restaurant - La Presa. Fabulous food. Great service.

Then went home & played with the dogs in the backyard until we got ate up by mosquitoes! Inside we read magazines & talked until hubby passed out on the couch.

That night the dogs couldn't really settle well. Isabelle slept on my side of the bed as usual. Squeezed between the bed & the wall - a very narrow spot. Bud slept in the doorway. Harriet slept on the floor at the bottom of the bed. Angus & Bit slept in the living room. Angus was disturbed by all the light & noises from a busy suburban neighborhood on the weekend.  We later learned from KRL-N that Harriet & Lil Bit had snuck into her room to snuggle on the bed with her & Bravo!

Sunday morning hubby let the dogs outside at an ungodly hour. Then K & I went for a walk with Bud & Bravo.  Picked up some SWEET fresh strawberries from a neighbor's garden. (K had already gotten permission to pick whatever she wanted! What a nice neighbor.) Love the taste of fresh, home-grown strawberries. You-Pick in Oregon vacation?

Then we went to Cheney (hardware store closed) and ate at different restaurant for breakfast-hometown good- Willow Springs Station. Very reasonable. Good food. G&K had the special-french toast, sausage & egg with coffee for $5.75. I had an omelette with very yummy hashbrowns.

When we returned home, hubby fixed the water sprinklers. Sat around outside enjoying the sun & fresh grass while the dogs played. Then K had to go to work. We packed up & followed her later. Got yummy lattes at her stand. Went home & played with dogs - very hot today. Had gotten into the 90s. AC finally cooled us off at 7:30 at night. Fixed pump in pond so I can put fishies in pond tomorrow!

Dogs woke me up extra early on Monday morning. Harry nuzzling me in bed. Went to get lattes with Bit & Bud. Watered plants when returned home. Saw birds in seed bowl. Froggy still on deck. I provided him with fresh water in a small pan. Went out and mowed a little around the side of the drive & saw tiny garter snake. Gross.

Have to put fishies in pond today. They will be so happy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Bee

Thursday - Been a busy little bee- planted my Variegated Dogwood in the circle drive on the far side. Still talking with hubby about where to plant the Colorado Blue Spruce. Maybe in the dog backyard. Hot in the 80s. here lately. Have been meticulous about watering plants. Fighting infestation of ants on side of house & back deck. WHERE did they come from?

Cleaning house, vacuuming vehicles, playing with dogs, sending postcards to the son. I mowed the backyard on Friday. Lawn boy came over & finished the circle driveway. Still need to mow the outside area & pick up more branches. He keeps disappearing (leaving) when I go out to give him more instructions.

Stella De Oro DayLilly

New pump from Harbor Freight came for the pond. Have to have hubby help tighten the fittings over the new pump & start it up. I think the fishies are getting anxious to get in the pond for summer. Still waiting for the new fountain to come.

This evening hubby sat on the couch for a couple hours while I directed a fan at him...he has no work vehicle air conditioning, so he gets heatstroke almost every day. After he finally cooled off around 7:30, we took the dogs for a "wild dog walk". Then drove around Farragut. Saw a deer dart in front of our truck, then pose for us quite a while. I totally forgot to pull out my cellphone & catch a pic! Dumb. Technologically dumb.

Saturday went to get lattes with hubby & Bud & Bit. The toilet plunger broke today. Need to get a new one! Seems like one thing breaks, lots more things break!

Still working on hubby's website. He wanted to re-vamp it as people that go to the website are not computer-savvy and cannot manage to find new pics of vehicles. Which reminds me that I need to go down to the shop with a camera to update pics.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mr. Froggy

Latte lady's machine broke so I had to drive to Spirit Lake to pick up a drink this morning. Bud & Bit were not used to riding so far in the morning with me and got a little nervous.

When I got home, I replanted all my plants into pots. Also planted the Mugho Pine in the circle driveway area. While I was out on the deck I spied a little frog! Isn't it supposed to be lucky to have a frog in your garden? deck. Where all the pots with the plants are sitting. He was so cute & stayed so still for me while I snapped his pic.

Also did several loads of laundry, changed sheets on the extra bed. Washed & conditioned my hair.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy Belated 4th of July!

KRL-N came over & spent the day with me on Saturday so we could go to Bayview's Independence Day Street Fair. However, once we got down there it was very depressing. The same booths as last year. Nothing interesting. We did get some great bbq sauce.

Came home & put the bbq sauce in with our beer-n-brats in the slow cooker. Later that night we had brats, garlic potatoes, sauerkraut & watermelon. Yum.

On the night of the 3rd, we drove our FMF to Bayview to watch the fireworks. Very nice 30 minute display, but it was SO overcrowded with cars. Took us about 30 minutes to leave after the display was finished.

Sunday morning I made bacon, sausage, eggs & waffles for K&hubby. Then we got lattes & walked the dogs. Then shopped at WalMart, Old Navy, Harbor Freight (K&I went to Hastings while hubby shopped HarborFreight) and then stopped at Olive Garden for soup, salad & breadsticks. Went home to puppies afterwards.

The night of the 4th, we went down to A-town to watch the fireworks. Really great. We parked KRL-N's Jeep in the ditch, got lattes at the stand, & stood up to watch gathered around the area. Talked to Leo S, Rudy R (fire commissioner) and a couple other people. KRL-N went over to talk to her in-laws and rejoined us just before the fireworks started! We stood there with tears in our eyes, feel very patriotic & viewing the absolutely fabulous bursts and hugged our baby. It reminded me of the time when she was small & we were a family of three! Sentimental mommy.

Watched a movie on tv and finally went to bed at 1:30pm.

Early Monday morning we walked dogs up along Priest River deserted subdivision. They had a ball. Over an hour of walking along the road, in the swamp & thru the mud! Angus even managed to accidentally submerge her whole body in a grassy swale that was full of water. The poor look on her face. She was shocked. Packed them all up in the back of the Dodge truck because they were too wet & dirty to ride in front with us.

Then went into CDA to shop at Costco. Saw a former co-worker of mine from the State of Idaho - about 10 years ago. Ralph Reed is over 80 now...did not remember me at all. He is way smaller than he used to be. He was a giant of a man that was a former L.A. police officer that retired in North Idaho. It was so sad to see him.

Came home to the puppies - it started a deluge down pour when the weatherman predicted at 3PM. As K&hubby had already shared a hotdog at Costco, I fixed myself a salad. KRL-N took a nap on the couch before leaving at 5PM for Cheney. Hubby hung my custom wood flag on the deck. Then he rested in front of the tv for the remainder of the night. I updated his RMOR blog. Then went to bed early.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Nothing Sweeter

There is nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning bathed in dog spit. Lil' Bit decided that he would swipe my toes a couple times with his fuzzy tongue, then crawl up the bed to spread his joy on my face. He extended that little pink organ over my nose, my eyes, my lips, my cheeks & my forehead. Not stopping until I was almost drenched in saliva!

Hubby came home last night with a sore throat. I sincerely hope it does not turn into a full blown cold that lasts the whole Holiday weekend. That would be just too depressing.

We also had a friend come over with his tractor to mow the highway frontage of the property. It already looks much better. I just have to trim around the rocks now.

It is raining outside today and the overwhelming smell of rotted grass & mold is apparent. This cannot possibly be summer!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


While I was in CDA yesterday to pick up a shop vac filter at Home Depot, I spied all the pretty flowrs. So I sent pics to my daughter via my cellphone to cheer her up.


Dark Blue Lucia


Hubby & I went up to Sandpoint so that he could fix a dump truck that was there for a customer. Then we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a couple watermelon...Melon Up! Yum.

So far on this cool Thursday, the First of July I have cleaned & vacuumed out the FMF & the Dodge, paid bills, done dishes, picked up poo & put away laundry. Need to walk the dogs.