Monday, February 13, 2017



Got up at 6:30am and said goodbye to hubby.

Gave the dogs turkey, gave Bud his painkiller.

Fed tuna & chicken to the kittens. Cleaned up litter.

Fed grain, hay, and apples to the moose.

KR came at 9AM. Left Beebo here at the house with the cousins & kittens. Then KR drove up to Sandpoint to renew her Driver's License and her Motorcycle Permit. I joked with her that getting the 8 year would take her to 40 years old! She did not appreciate the joke.

We picked up lattes at Starbucks afterwards.

Then drove south to CDA. While in Sandpoint going over the Long Bridge, a semi truck & trailer in front of us almost drove into on-coming traffic. I called 911.

No police ever picked him up. He kept weaving in and out of the lane the whole way until KR passed him in Athol.

We went to Olive Garden because KR was hungry. I was not enthused about eating there. They gave us a table where I had to sit in the traffic of the aisle. The soup was ok, but greasy. The bread rolls were mostly dough coming straight out of the oven. Waitress had to replace them. Our meal was brought out too soon.

KR paid with her gift cards. I left the tip.

We went to ULTA where I got keratin nail protein for my nails.

I had to potty at the Bed, Bath & Beyond next door.

Then we dropped off a deposit at Horizon.

Went to Tri State Outfitters to return her snow pants that were ripped.

We went to wash her Jeep. Got thru right away. The Attendant was directing her to the 2nd bay and I thought he was giving a peace sign. Funny.

Image result for finger peace sign

Shopped at Winco. I got green tea with Jasmine. I paid for her groceries.

We had to go back to the Car Wash as it did not clean her windows very well. So there was a line. We had to wait.

Then we drove to Ski Shack to see if she could find ski pants there. While we were shopping in the deserted store, her car alarm started going off. She went outside and it took a while before she could turn it off.

When we left, the alarm for the rear hatch would not turn off. It kept beeping and the lights were on inside the vehicle.

KR pulled over into a parking lot and closed the hatch door again. Then she restarted the car. It seemed to work. She called the dealership to get an appointment on Friday to drop off her vehicle so they can work on it.

Then she drove me home.

Dropped me off. Brought in all the stuff we purchased. She was hungry and ate some of my leftovers from the restaurant.

I took some ibuprofen. I was hurting really badly.

Hubby got home around 6PM.

We watched Timeless on tv and then went to bed.

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