Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Got up early. Gave hug to hubby before he left for work.

Forgot to call KR and sing happy birthday to her with hubby. Which was why I had gotten up early.

Called KR right away and sang to her. Texted hubby to call her and sing to her, too.

I fed dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller.

Gave tuna to cats, cleaned up their litter.

Vacuumed. Did dishes. Did laundry.

The moose was still here. I threw apples out to the moose.

The moose stayed here all day, sleeping in the woods.

I left at 12:15 to pick up the mail, then get a Starbucks in town, then get hair done with Rachelle at 1PM. By 2:30, I was headed home.

Got home at 3PM.

Moose was still here.

Cleaned up the dog water & food.

Hubby got home around 6:30PM. He stopped down at the shop for a while.

We did not go to KR's house as planned. She was going to bed early.

We watched Taboo on TV then went to bed at 10PM. I was exhausted.

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