Friday, October 16, 2015



Got up at 6AM to pee. Then I rubbed hubby in bed for a while. The crest of his sacrum was tight & had knots. His neck needed massage so he could turn his head.

He got up at 6:30AM finally and dressed. Came back up stairs to kiss me goodbye.

I got up at 8:00AM.

Dressed & came downstairs. Gave ham to the dogs. Fed the fish.

Did laundry. Did dishes. Vacuumed. Picked up dog poo. Cleaned out my Jeep.
Did homework.

Fed the deer.

Drove to CDA. Dropped off donations at Goodwill in Hayden. Then drove to Costco and got gasoline. I also stopped to wash the Jeep.

Then drove to Clinic and did 3 hours of work.

After Clinic was done, I drove home. Stopped at McDs to pick up cheeseburgers for dogs.

At home, I was exhausted and went to bed early.

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