Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Xmas 2015


Up at 7:45AM. Had a crab rangoon for breakfast. Made tea.

Hubby shoveled the deck. LOTS of snow.

Gave each other presents. Hubby got the most & the best presents. He got a XXX

KR gave me a bracelet from Vera Wang collection & a necklace.

Watched A Christmas Story.

Ben hurt his leg while he was outside.

We drove to Rathdrum to get lattes at Jitterz. Long lines.

Then we took dogs for walk in the Rathdrum Park.

 Bravo & Bud
 Ben (with tail wagging)
 Lil Bit & Bravo

Drove back home. Made scallops, KR made lobster. Lobster was kinda rubbery. Not KR's fault, it was bad from Costco.

Watched ELF and Harry Potter.

Hubby teetered on his teeter/totter.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch.

KR took a shower at 5PM.

KR left to go home at 7PM.

Hubby and I listened to Xmas music for a while.

I went to bed at 10PM, hubby came to bed later. He had to help Ben up the stairs because of his hurt right rear leg.

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