Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Got up at 7AM. Dressed and left at 7:45.

Purchased lattes in Rathdrum at Jitterz.

Drove to Spokane to get teeth fixed with new o-rings. Hubby dropped me off and I signed in to the front desk.

Hubby drove over to Panera Bread to get us Souffles. He got 2 for me and 1 for himself.

I was done at Affordable Dentures by 10:00. We drove back to Panera to get my birthday special on the card. It was your choice of a pastry. Hubby ordered a cinnamon roll. Then we got donuts at KrispyKreme (too late for holiday donuts!).

Drove to CDA and got to my Vision Dr appointment 15 minutes early. Then had to wait for 2 other people that came in after me that were taken in first. I complained and then they got me in right away. I paid for the contacts & they said they would deliver them to my home.

Hubby had to get another latte at the Daybreak on Prairie. Then we met KR at the Verizon store to get her a new iPhone 6; along with adding her to our account.

Then we drove to Post Falls to pick up a truck from CDA Wheels. Hubby followed me over to Findlay Dodge to drop off the Jeep and get them to look at the AUX player which won't play when I plug in my iPhone; and to reconfigure the computer on the Jeep so it does not come up to change the oil.

Got in the green truck and drove to KR's. The doggy door was not big enough for Bravo, so we will have to return that. We helped her carry up the parts for her Closet. Hubby put up curtain rods in her bedroom. Another wasted trip for honey-dos to her home.

We packed up the boxes in the back of the truck and hubby drove me back over to pick up the Jeep at the Dodge dealer. I drove to Rathdrum to pick up another order of Crab Rangoons from Wah Hing restaurant. While he drove to the dump and then home.

I got the mail at home. Met him at the shop. Gave him a ride to the house.

We unpacked everything. I gave the dogs cheeseburgers from McDonalds that I had purchased.

Got a delivery from UPS for stuff I had ordered from Amazon. Jeep antennae, Hood fasteners, Jeep OEM gas cap.

My fingers were cracking again so I put on gloves with handcream.

We watched The Twilight Zone marathon.

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