Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year's Eve & New Year's Day


Got up and hubby gave me a donut with a candle in it.

Dressed and hubby made eggs for dogs.

We went to town, dropped off green truck at CDA Wheels, picked up the dodge.

Got lattes from crappy Mugsy's coffee stand.

Stopped at Walmart, purchased Jeans for hubby. Stopped at Cabela's, purchased socks for hubby & tree/deer lighted xmas decor on sale.

Looked at property in Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and West side of Spokane. Nothing good.

We ate at Chaps. It was bad. And expensive.

 Table by fireplace at Chaps

Don't go. Ever.

Drove to get KR's box springs. We took it to her house. It was a full size instead of Queen. Pissed!

Full Size instead of Queen Size

Took Bravo, old doggy door and left.

Took doggy door to Lowe's and exchanged from medium to large size.

Drove home. Gave ham to dogs at home.

Left Bravo. Loaded up my massage table & equipment.

Drove to Dave & Vera's.

Picked up milk & lottery tickets at Maverik gas station before we went to their home.

At their house, massaged them. Dogs were happy to see us. Then they got locked in back room while I massaged. It was hot in their house with the wood fireplace.

I did Vera from 8-10PM. Then did Dave from 10-12PM. We were kinda flat about celebrating New Year's Eve. Stayed there and talked until 2AM.

Left and drove home. Almost no cars on road.

At home, we were exhausted and went to bed.


Got up at 8AM, Bravo slept with us last night.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

My teeth are falling out because stupid girls at dentist gave me wrong o-rings. I am so pissed.

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