Monday, January 18, 2016



Got up at 7AM and took some Cold Calm as I had a sore throat. Also took a painkiller for my knee pain.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. Lil Bit refused to eat any. Ben vomited on the dog bed.

I did several loads of laundry & started a load of dishes in the dishwasher.

I took a nap for a few minutes. Hubby was looking at his iPad. We played Spa music on hubby's new Bose speaker.

We got dressed & ready at 11:15 to take back a truck & get lattes in Rathdrum.

I drove to Rathdrum in the Jeep, hubby drove the truck to return; Got lattes at Jitterz. Met hubby at KR's house and dropped off her bike. I talked to her for a while, then met hubby at CDA Wheels. Hubby test-drove another vehicles. Then we took a Jeep SUV and he followed me to Slick Rock so I could talk to them about KR's membership.

Hubby parked the Jeep SUV there and then we drove my Jeep over to Costco to get gas and then Metro Express where he talked to the Assistant Manager about removing our auto payment. The manager refunded him cash for the payment that was taken out yesterday.

Then we drove back to Slick Rockto pick up the Jeep SUV.

We drove home because we had to take the dogs to the Vet.

At home, hubby put the Jeep into the shop. I parked my Jeep in the garage.

We took the Excursion with all the dogs to the Vet.

Bud waited in the Excursion while we took Ben and Lil Bit to the Vet. Lil Bit had lost over 6 pounds. He was down from 23 to 17 pounds. He was still listless. Dr Mike took his blood and said that it might be Diabetes. He will submit the blood work and know more tomorrow.

Dr Mike gave Ben his shots and we paid then left. Took the dogs back home. Lil Bit wanted more water at home. We drove back to Athol and had lunch at the cafe, then hubby took me to DeraLee's to get my nails done. On the way past the school, we saw Solar in his Sheriff's vehicle.

Got my nails done from 3:30 to 4:00, hubby sat with us. Then we left and drove to Slick Rock again so I could pay for KR's membership.

KR's Slick Rock membership

After we were done, we drove over to CDA Wheels and got another vehicle from them. They had to put gasoline in the Chevy truck, hubby drove it over to Tom's Shop in Post Falls. I drove the Excursion. By this time, it was dark & VERY FOGGY. I don't like driving the Excursion and it was agonizing for me to drive it. My nerves were shot.

Dropped off the truck and then drove to KR's to drop off her membership package from Slick Rock. Hubby took Bravo for a walk down to the Church and back.

On the way home, we got gasoline in Rathdrum $1.99/gallon and picked up bird seed at Stein's Grocery.

At home, we greeted the dogs (no more burgers now). And made dinner. I studied.

Lil Bit tries to play with Ben

I hurt all over and took another painkiller which did not help.

We watched TV and went to bed.

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