Saturday, January 30, 2016



Got up in a lot of pain. That is all there is anymore, just pain. No recovery at night. Just wake up in more pain every day. This is wearing me down.

At 6:15, hubby was yelling at me to get up. I had a bad night. Endometriosis pains and got up to take a bath & painkillers. Then just when I am sleeping well, he screams at me for over 30 minutes to get up.

He left after giving Lil Bit his insulin shot & food. I put Lil Bit on the floor.

Then I went back up to bed for a little more sleep. Lil Bit came up a little while later and I put him on the bed with me and Ben.

Slept until 8AM.

Got up and had breakfast.

Put together our financial records so that there will not be a problem for KR when we pass. She will be inheriting all our wealth by herself. Much better than having to share it with out siblings. Thank GOODNESS she is an only child.

Watched HOUSE for most of the day. My knee is hurting again.

Hubby got home at 7PM. We had dinner. Then we went to bed.

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