Sunday, January 24, 2016



Got up at 6AM to give Lil Bit his insulin shot. He would not come to hubby and kept running away. I pottied, then went back to bed until 9AM.

Dressed and hubby had already made sausage and egg for his breakfast.

Then we loaded dogs in to the Excursion and took them for a walk in the park. Hubby stopped at the latte stand to get his drink. There was a little girl helping her mother at the stand. We talked to her about the dogs. We walked in the first area and parked by the highway which hubby does not like to do. But the snow was not too bad. Lil Bit walked for 1/2 mile, then hubby had to carry him.

Carrying Lil Bit

We came back home and unloaded dogs. Hubby started the Dodge while I changed clothes. Then we drove into Rathdrum to get another drink at Jitterz, looked at the subdivision on Boekel, got grain on Hayden Avenue, dropped off Goodwill clothing donations, got groceries at Super 1.

Drove home and unloaded groceries. Hubby fed the moose.

Hubby cooked spaghetti and meatballs for himself.

We watched Vertigo and then some other informational shows on TV. 

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