Friday, January 22, 2016



Got up and took several painkillers.

Hubby helped me tidy up house & feed Lil Bit. Then we gave him his insulin shot. I called Dr Mike at 6AM to tell him that we fed the dog, but he did not call back until 7:15AM.

I did laundry and started dishwasher.

Then got dressed, put on Icy hot, sat on heating pad for an hour.

Drove into CDA at 8:30. KR called and asked me to pick up latte for her. So I went to the Jitterz on Miles. It had 3 cars in line on both sides. Very busy.

Got to First American Title at exactly 9:30. KR was in the waiting area. The Receptionist offered me a cookie. At 9:30 in the morning???

KR was on the phone getting proof of home insurance for the Title Company. KR had worked late the night before and looked tired.

The girl came out to usher the two of us into a room. We were waiting for Nate. The girl had the incorrect amounts on the paperwork already. She had to change it. Then KR had to get the correct phone number of the HOA because it had the Fax number listed. I looked it up online.

Nate got there while KR was calling the HOA to find out what an additional charge was being listed.

Finally, we handed over the cashier's check and the personal check (because the girl had called KR last night at 6PM to let her know that she had calculated the amount incorrectly and it was too late to get the bank to issue another cashier's check).

KR signed the papers and it was done!

KR signed papers with Nate the Realtor

Nate hugged us both on the way out.

KR took me over to Le Peep in her Jeep so we could celebrate. It was raining. Too many people at the restaurant. The order took too long. The food was not good at all. KR had a Mimosa to celebrate her house signing.

While we were sitting in the restaurant, KR remembered that she to have received a $200 towards handyman work on the house which had not been included. So she texted Nate about it.

She took me back to my Jeep still parked at the Title Company. We drove to her place where I changed clothes. Beebo was over-excited to see me.

Then I left at 11:00 and drove to see the Chiro.

After the Chiro, I drove home. I was exhausted.

Napped for the rest of the day.

Napping in bed with Bit & Ben

Hubby got home late. We watched tv for a while and went to bed.

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