Thursday, January 21, 2016

LIL BIT & Insulin Injections


Got up at 8AM and crawled out of bed from pain. Took more painkillers. Sprayed Icy Hot on my aches.

Called Wester's office and talked to his Nurse to make sure that she faxxed a Medical note to AICM.

Took Lil Bit down to the Vet's office and they showed me how to give him an injection. He still won't eat.

Brought him home at 12:00 and he drank a lot of water again.

Dr Mike called and advised that he had set up an appointment for Lil Bit to have an Ultra Sound.

Tried to contact American Express about the refund that does not appear on our account. Their website just times out when you attempt to click on "Contact Us". Lame.

Attempted to take a nape from 2:00-3:30, but too many people kept texting me.

Made an appointment with Wester's nurse to review the MRI, made appointment with Chiro, made new appointment with Rachelle for hair.

I fed Lil Bit some turkey & ham at 6PM and then called Dr Mike. He told me how much insulin the give Lil Bit.

Hubby got home at 7:30PM with trailer. He came up to the house. My Bamboo massage sticks had been delivered by Fed Ex down at the shop.

The dogs were excited to see hubby home, they tore outside to see him in the driveway.

Hubby had dinner.

We watched tv for the night. Went to bed at 11PM after the news.

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