Wednesday, January 20, 2016



I was too sick from upper respiratory infection to go in to school today, so I called in.

Mostly just laid around and took naps today. Was too stuffed up to even study.

No appetite and everything hurt. I took painkillers.

Had to take Lil Bit to the Vet at 11:00 because he collapsed in the snow when he was out trying to pee. His eyes were all glassy.

Took him to the Vet and dropped him off. Dr Mike said they would get him started on an IV and insulin program.

I came home and rested for the remainder of the day.

Hubby got home at 6:45. He dropped off a salad for me and took Ben & Bud with him to get the trailer hooked up to his Excursion.

Then he came back, had dinner and we went to bed at 10:30.


Got up and hurt my back when I tried putting on my jeans. No school for me today or this week.

I called in and told Jackie that I would have the Dr write a Medical Leave of Absence for me.

Called in to the Doctor's office and left a message for the nurse to fax a note from the doctor for me.

I called Horizon Credit Union because calling to activate the debit card was not working. She finally fixed it for me.

My Term papers were finally done today and I had to review them.

Then I called Kootenai Vision for the 10th time to find out about the contacts, they said that Emily would call me back. Emily said that the shipment was lost, but that they said it would arrive today or tomorrow. I told her that if they did not arrive today or tomorrow, that it would need to be re-ordered.

KR came over at 2:00 and left Beebo here. She went to get her nails done. Then she came back at 3:30. And wanted money to pay Deralee because KR HAS NO CHECKS. Even tho I told her to get checks. Deralee only accepts cash or checks.

KR would not go down and get Lil Bit for me even though I was in pain. She had to get home and do things. She was too busy. Too busy to help her mother that is suffering.

Hubby got home at 8PM with a Jeep on his trailer. He brought salads & a card for me. He did the water and food for the dogs.

On his way home, hubby had picked up the mail. My contacts had finally arrived!

Then hubby gave Lil Bit his pill. He took Ben & Bud down to the shop with him and then returned.

We watched tv for the rest of the night. I had taken a couple Hydrocodone pills and they seemed to help a lot.

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