Monday, January 25, 2016

More Chiropractor


Got up and dressed. Hubby had already given Lil Bit his insulin shot & pill.

We loaded the dogs into the Excursion and after picking up a latte for hubby in Athol, drove to the park. Walked in the area around the horse area. Saw some prints on the ground that looked like Bear. Hubby did not believe me until I pointed them out. Need to walk with a gun now.

Lil Bit made the walk pretty good. Only went 1/2 mile in the snow. He drank a lot of water when we returned to the Excursion.

Drove home and unloaded dogs.

Hubby fed the deer/Moose.

Then hubby filled the Excursion tire with air; and I drove the Jeep to town. Hubby drove to Tom's while I went to the Chiro for my back & knee.

After I was done with the Chiro, I drove to CDA Wheels and waited for hubby there.

We drove back to Tom's and picked up the new Dually and drove it to Pat The Detailer's. Dropped it off and hubby jumped into the Jeep with me.

At the H. Credit Union, we stopped to advise that our Credit Bureau report was not correct. The manager there had a horrible time trying to just WRITE A DAMN LETTER to let the Credit Bureau know that an old loan had been closed 7 years ago!

Then they were going to block our deposit and hold it for 7-10 days when hubby blew a shit fit and the teller had to get a waiver from the bank manager.

Afterwards, we drove to hubby's bank and made a deposit there. After much frustration at the drive-thru, hubby jumped out of the car and withdrew $ from the ATM right new to us. Lot easier than providing a withdrawal slip, ID, etc.

Shopped at Costco, got some birthday presents for KR. Had to potty before we went inside and then hubby was hungry; he got a hotdog and we sat down to let him eat it. After eating thru the whole store from all the samples, and especially finding a wonderfully delicious Veggie Cake, we finally left the store.

KR met us outside and we decided to go over to Mackenzie River Pizza Company. Not impressed with the food. They did not know how to make a Kahlua & Cream YET AGAIN. The bathrooms were freezing and dirty. We had to search for the waitress to pay before we left, but there were only 7 customers in the whole building. Hubby wandered up to the bar and she was trying to figure out how to make a Rob Roy and he helped her.

We hugged KR and drove home. Hubby unloaded when we got home.

Put away groceries.

Went to bed at 11PM.

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