Friday, January 15, 2016



Got up and turned off fireplace after hubby left for work. I slept late until 9:30! Had some weird dreams, tho.

Hubby is still getting sick.

I made egg breakfast for dogs & me. Ben vomited on the rug in the living room. I was not interested in eating any more. So I cleaned up his mess.

Replaced water & food for dogs.

Paid bills.

Updated my school calendar.

Watched HOUSE on tv. Sat in front of the fireplace.

Dogs napping all day

Scheduled a Valentine's day massage & footbath for KR at the CLINIC. Nick called to confirm my schedule for next week.

I did laundry.

I got ready for Clinic at 4PM and left by 4:30. At clinic, got ready and did 3 massages. Amber was there as upstairs receptionist. She checked in all the Lotion & Oil.

I was in Room 3 by myself. Not bad. Very quiet.

Drove home at 9:30. Not many cars on the road at all.

Hubby was already in his jammies. I had slice meat & cheese for dinner.

Went to bed at 11PM.

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