Tuesday, January 05, 2016



Woke up about 3 times last night. Not good sleep. Arms hurting, so had to put icy hot on them. Hubby woke me up at 6:30 so I can go to Dr at 8AM this morning.

Gave ham to dogs. Got Jeep started and loaded. Got ready for school.

Drove to Dr's office in CDA. SO many stinking fucking idiots on the road. Some idiot pulled in front of me with inches to spare; I was in the passing lane. He proceeded to go slow and even turned on the same street as me!

At the Dr's office, there was not enough space to park with the crappy plowing job they did; snow piled on parking spots everywhere.

I had to wait to check in at the front desk even though there were 6 front desk girls wandering around. What a waste. One efficient person could have replaced most of them...

I was finally called back and the nurse took my vitals. I think she took my blood pressure incorrectly as it was very high. I am normally on the very low side.

Then Becka came and took me for x-rays. Once we got done with that, it was back to the room and waited to see the Dr.

Finally talked to the Dr. He advised MRI which they will have to seek permission from the insurance company to do. It was be early next week before they find out. There was nothing on my knee but a little arthritis, less than he expected! yippee?

Dr said I should just work thru my dizziness. It may clear up? Why hasn't it cleared up so far after 3 months?

Anyway, left there with a prescription of Tramadol for pain.

Drove to Fed Ex in Post Falls. Dropped off package for return to Volcom. Stupid jeans were too small even though I ordered the same size as before.

I got to school at 9:40AM. Unloaded my books. Mark was the only one in the room. I told him to sit beside me so I could cheat off him. He laughed. I saw Nick outside as he was coming in to the classroom. Hubby came by to visit me in the parking lot. I stopped to talk with him.

Then I went in to class to study.

Everybody showed up today. Teacher got there and had forgotten that we were having Chapter 5 included in this test, also. She had to re-do the test.

After an hour, most of us were done. I knew I had done terribly. So we had a short break and went back in to the classroom to correct our own tests.

 So True!

I missed quite a few. This is the first test that I have not passed. I only got 66% on it. It depressed me. Kines class frustrates me so much because the teacher is not teaching anything!

What is even more odd is that I received 80% on the last Quiz that we took over the Piriformis & Glutes.

Then we went over Chapter 7 for only 30 minutes. We are to quiz over the Bones of the foot in 2 weeks. Next week is Medical Massage.

I went outside to get my credit card and went upstairs to pay for this Quarter's tuition. Christine was there and took my payment. Then I took the payment receipt down to Chelsea.

After leaving school, I drove to Wendy's and got 2 salads with some cheeseburgers for the dogs.

I drove to UPS and dropped off the other package that I am returning.

Then drove to Rathdrum to drop off my prescription at Rathdrum Drug. While waiting for that to be filled, I went over to Super One to get groceries. I purchased some Sea Scallops for dinner tonight and also lots of bones for the dogs.

Drove back to the Drugstore and picked up my prescription. Then drove home.

Roads were breaking up. The snow was mostly off the trees at home. Yippee. No more danger of downed trees. I got the mail and came to the house. The UPS had dropped off a package for me in the garage - it was my Urban Decay order with lots of little samples!

I unloaded all the groceries and put them away. Then I made eggs for my dinner along with my salad. I sat in front of the fireplace and fell asleep for a while. Watched Star Trek movie.

Made the Sea Scallops at 6PM.

Hubby was working late tonight.

I ordered new socks from Cabela's for hubby. I took a bath. 

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