Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Up at 6:00AM with hubby to give Lil Bit his insulin shot and his last pill!

Then back to bed. No real good sleep last night. Waking up every 30 minutes. Could hear the train, the noise of the highway, cars, the painkiller pills did not help me sleep last night and my right knee was hurting again.

Got up at 9:00; dressed and had veggie cake with tea for breakfast.

Fed the moose with grain & apples.

Cleaned up the birdseed on the back deck.

Fed & watered the dogs.

Left at 10:40 to get to my appointment at Chiro for 11:15. Drove into town, it was raining and foggy.

At Chiro, had treatment.

Then drove to Target and picked up a door mat for KR. Then stopped at Wendy's for salads & burgers for dogs. Drove home.

At home, picked up mail. Put KR's light box in basement. Cleaned up the house. Gave burgers to dogs. Then KR dropped of Beebo while she got her nails done.

Moose came to visit again.

KR came back. We talked for about an hour. Then she left to go home with Bravo.

Ben with Lamby

I did laundry & dishes.

Hubby got home at 7:30. He had dinner. I took a hot bath to relieve pain.

We watched Swamp Thing.

The moose came back to visit at 10:45PM and we gave it pears.

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