Saturday, January 09, 2016

Back to Basics & Pain. Lots of Pain.


Got up and was in pain all over my body. Really did not want to go to class.

I was pottying in the bathroom when Lil Bit saw me and came running at me in pure joy from across the room. He was SO happy to see me. He jumped into my arms. It was adorable.

Dressed and forgot knee brace. Also forgot to take pain killer.

Lot of pain getting into Jeep.

Drove hubby to Rathdrum for a latte at Jitterz. Then drove him to CDA Wheels to pick up a truck from there.

I drove to school and got to class.

They were making pancakes & sausage even tho massages were being held there. Very odd.

Katie D came in and made a fit when the teacher asked her to put her phone away. Katie left.

The teacher told stories for 2.5 hours. We took the same Intro to Basics tests that we had at the very beginning.

At 11:45, she dismissed us from class for lunch.

I drove to Wendy's for salad and cheeseburgers for dogs. Then I drove home.

Picked up mail.

No dogs at home. I was scared at first, but then hubby texted and said he had taken the dogs with him today to go pick up a Durango in Spokane with Mark.

I sat in front of the fireplace, made tea, took painkillers, ate my salad.

Then I took a nap upstairs.

Still in pain. Hubby came home around 4PM with the dogs.

Left at 5PM to go meet KR at Olive Garden.

We sat in the bar and had 1 glass of wine and played a game on their ordering box. KR came and we went in to the dining area.

Our dinners came out 2 seconds after the appetizers. Hubby sent them back.

They brought KR the wrong dish. Had to re-cook hers. Hubby's dinner looked like it had sat under the heat lamps for 30 minutes. It was dry.

Manager "comp'd" KR's dinner because it was done wrong, but the bill still came to $70. That was awful. Hubby did have 2 glasses of wine, KR had wine & a Bellini, and I had a latte. It was YUMMY.

We left about 9PM.

Drove home and went to bed at 11PM after the news.

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