Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Xmas Blues


Hubby woke me up at 6AM. He was sitting on the couch. I slept on the couch for a while with him, beside Lil Bit. Then I had him put Icy Hot on my shoulders and went back to bed.

 Ben Sleeping on Bud's back

I slept until 9:30. Then hubby made breakfast for the dogs. I woke up again.

Came down and helped him put away food and dishes. Cleaned up the kitchen.

We shoveled the deck. By then it was Noon.

He had to go down and talk to Larry, Tim and somebody else at the shop.

I walked down with Lil Bit to get the mail. Hubby had been at the shop for 1.5 hours. I told him we had to walk dogs.

Took dogs to the park. LOTS of people and LOTS of snow. We drove to the very end of the park with the Excursion and took dogs for a walk on the road. In the ruts.

Beautiful Day in Park

Heading back to the Excursion, Bud & Ben ran ahead to some people that were walking in snowshoes. They were very nice and told us about their snowshoes. We decided to get some.

Drove back home and dropped dogs off. Hubby had lunch and looked at stuff on computer for a while.

We shoveled off the front deck.

Then we got dressed. I had purchased tickets for The Brian Setzer Orchestra featuring guest music Low Volts at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox.

Brian Setzer Tickets

So we started out early and went to Costco to purchase snowshoes. They had a great deal with the poles, a storage bag, and snowshoes. Also got trail mix and mixed nuts.

Snowshoe Package

Drove to Spokane. Got a parking spot right next to the theater.

Ran in front of some cars at a red light. Peed our pants because we were going to get run over!

Went to the Davenport to go potty and get cleaned up. Had drinks at the Peacock, sat next to some drunk, noisy people.

 Xmas tree at Davenport

Went out to the Xmas tree and sat for a while. Walked over to the Fox Theater and got seated.

Horrible tiny cramped seats. We went upstairs to check out the other seats.

Found some wonderful seats that were wide (for handicapped) we sat in the those for the first half of the show-Low Volts. One man rock-a-billy songs.

Then intermission for 20 minutes. I went downstairs to the women's bathroom. Hubby purchased a t-shirt from Low Volts.

Hubby wanted a wine, but the line was too long. We sat down at one of the tables next to the women's bathroom on the balcony.

Then we went back to our seats. Too loud, too cramped. People were dancing in aisles. A couple women that looked like anorexic old vampires got up and danced with each other. Yuck.

Finally over, we left early.

Drove home. Stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for dogs. Hubby forgot keys to Dodge. Could not pick it up.

At home, we watched Dr Who and went to bed at Midnight.

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