Tuesday, December 08, 2015



Got up and felt like crap. Hubby left early at 6:30.

It was raining again today. Violently raining.

I left for school at 8:15. Drove to school and got there by 8:45. Made up 1 hour in Kines class with Carol. Nick was there.

At 9:50, I went down to Horizon and deposited the check.

Took forever to get the check deposited and put holds on the "large amount of the check"!

Explained to the bank teller that we would be getting more life insurance checks because my husband's father had died.

So I drove back up to school and joined the class for Medical Massage.

KR had texted me that the Electricity was out at the house, so I had to communicated with Kootenai Electric that we had another outage.

The Admin came in to talk with us at 12:00. Which cut into our time for Medical Massage.

I made appointments with Christine upstairs for massage tomorrow after school and on Thursday after school.

KR met me outside after class. She hugged Nick hello. Then we drove the Jeep to drop off her $800 move-in early consideration check at the Realtor's office on Northwest Blvd. We drove back to the school to pick up the Dodge because it was too windy to take the Jeep.

KR Dropping off payment to Realtor

Drove to the Valley Mall and shopped at HM, Bath & Body. Drove back to Post Falls where I picked up the Jeep. Got a burger at Jack-in-the-Box, and burgers with a salad at Wendy's.

I drove home. No mail - they had delivered it to the house. KR came in the house right after me.

I turned on the blue lights outside over the garage doors. The electricity was back on, finally. Gave dogs burgers.

I had snack, then took a nap. I was exhausted.

Hubby came home at 7:30.

He brought home a pizza for KR and himself.

Went to bed at 11PM.

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