Thursday, August 04, 2016


AUGUST 4 2016

Got up at 5AM with hubby. He started to get all the vehicles out of the garage and clear out the area for the workers to come put in the concrete in the garage.

I went back to bed, but at 6:15 hubby woke me up to ask me about a step. I told him not to put the step in...

I got dressed and ready for school.

Gave Koda her kitty food. Checked on the babies.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave them fresh food & water.

I moved my Jeep closer to the garage so that I could load all the stuff. Put in the cupcakes & my books. Then drove to school.

Put cupcakes in the break room along with the candy bars. Teacher was upsetting class again by starting out with "seating questions". I need to video this odd behavior.

Then Katie came in later. She went for a walk with us around the campus to "observe our lower bodies while walking". Then we came back to fill out soap charts.

Teacher was upset that people were eating. Started a confrontation about that. Katie left.

I went out to complain to Admin.

After going back to class, it was somewhat tolerable. But teacher is still teaching antagonistically. Creating a hostile learning environment.

Left after school and drove home. Got gasoline in Rathdrum.

Got the mail.

Unloaded my books from school.

Paid the guys that were doing the concrete work. They left about 2PM. Said they would come back tomorrow to cut in the joints for the concrete movement.

 Concrete in Garage

Hubby got home about 6:30. We had to go up to Sandpoint to pick up parts.

Dave left them in the UPS call box outside work. We picked them up and then ate at Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurant. Hubby did not like the Chili Verde and ordered tacos instead. I thought their food was great. I had cheese enchilada and taco. Got guacamole for dipping. Their mild sauce tastes just like Diamond Dave's back in Waterloo.

We drove home.

By 10PM, we were in bed totally exhausted. 

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