Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Got up at 5AM to pee, Wilson jumped into bed with us.

Hubby got up and left for work. Left me a little cat drawing in my shoe.

I got up at 6:45 and dressed for school.

Gave Koda kitty her breakfast cat food, cleaned up her litter, opened the windows for the kittens.

Gave ham to the dogs and Bud's pill for his hips.

Cleaned up the dog food & water.

Put away dishes.

Started a load of laundry.

Reviewed for quiz.

Drove to school. Had to drive the back way because Hwy 41 has rock chip sealing on a portion of it and I don't want to drive thru it.

Picked up donut holes at the gas station.

Saved a place for Kim at my table. We did our Quiz. I got 74% on my Quiz.

In the next 2 hours, we did Test review for next week.

I left to go get tacos at Del Taco.

Kim called me on the phone as I was driving home. We talked for a while.

I did laundry when I got home.

Gave dogs more ham. Brought in my books.

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