Friday, August 19, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hubby had left.

Started laundry. Fed ham to dogs. Gave Koda her breakfast cat food and opened the windows.

Left for school.

Stopped at Jitterz for latte, but got behind "Elmers" truck and was sitting there for 10 minutes and he did not move. 3 cars were served on the other line.

So I left and drove to KoKopelli. Got behind girls in a car that had to order food AFTER their drink order. So I left again.

Met hubby in the subdivision behind there. Kissed him good morning.

Went back to KoKopelli and got a granita. Not good flavor.

Kim from school texted me and said she forgot her debit card at home and could not get a latte. I went to Starbucks, but there were 12 cars in line. So I went to Thomas Hammer and got a drink from there.

Got to school with 5 minutes to spare.

Panda sat in on our class.

Teacher was ok today. Not a complete ass wipe.


Hubby was up at the crack of dawn to take a transfer case over to Charles. Then he brought back a latte for himself.

I woke up at 6:00AM. Can't even sleep in when we have a vacation day. Hubby's last day this month off for Fridays.

Hubby went for a ride on his motorcycle.

Loaded the dogs into the Dually when he got back. Took them into CDA and got a latte for me from Jitterz downtown. Then we drove them to the CO to walk them around in the grass. We were missing 1 dog leash.

Dropped BEN and BUD off at Apryl's for their grooming.

Then we stopped at North 40 to get some supplies for hubby's new shop. Got a squeege broom for the new concrete in the garage.

Also stopped to get gasoline at Costco.

Drove Wilson over to KR's to spend the day with Beebo.

Then we dropped off stuff at the new shop and hubby collected checks.

Hubby dropped me off at Heavenly Hands to get my toes & nails done with gel. He also brought back a green tea for Tracy and a granita for me.

I was done by 2;00. Hubby came to pick me up. He had picked up the boys because they were done being cleaned.

We drove home.

Sat around for a while at home after unloading everything. Dogs were hungry & thirsty & tired.

Then I changed into my uniform. Hubby drove me to Clinic. Had to stop in Rathdrum at Zip's because my tummy was churning from the bad Pita that I had eaten. I ended up taking about 10 Ibuprofen to calm the cramps that I was having.

Amber was late. Kim was already there, sitting at the picnic table.

I sat with Kim and talked to her for a while.

Then we went inside and got ready for Clinic.

Hubby picked me up at 8:30PM.

We drove over to KR's to talk with her for a while. I was getting tired and we left at 10:00.

Ordered pizza from Rathdrum Pizza Hut. Hubby picked it up for me.

Drove home. Ate pizza, went to bed.

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