Friday, August 12, 2016

FRIDAY & More Clinic


Got up with hubby. Helped him make eggs for dogs.

Hubby rode his motorcycle around for practice.

Loaded dogs up in the Dodge. Then we stopped in Athol for a latte for hubby. Walked the dogs int he park around the Brig Museum. Lots of people camping on the private road.

Came back and hubby cleaned the concrete dust off the new driveway with a hose.

We had to leave by 11:15 for the drive to CDA.

Stopped at Duncan's Florist to get some flowers for my foot soaking bath.

Then picked up lattes at Jitterz & a green tea for Tracey.

Got my nails done while hubby went to make a deposit at the bank, take used stuff to Goodwill, and eat at PauPau's.

He picked me up and then we pre-paid Tracy $100 for next week's nails.

Stopped at Walmart to pick up bath salts, cat food, and groceries. Hubby talked to other surveyor on his phone while we were shopping, but the guy wanted too much $.

We drove to Home Depot to look for carpet. Picked up a sample. Stupid woman in the bathroom with kids as I was exiting the bathroom. I held open the door to exit and she thought I was just going to wait for them, she was dinking around with kids & a water bottle. I finally just pushed thru them. Wasn't going to hold their door open, like a concierage! WTF?

Drove over to Great Floors, but they don't stock commercial carpet.

Then we went to get Philly Steak sandwiches on Best. Picked up Italian sodas next door. Went to a park in a subdivision, which was really pretty and nobody was there.

Ran the Jeep thru the Car Wash. Then hubby drove me to Clinic. We got there a little early at 4:45. Amber got there at 5PM.

I went in and found out that Larissa and I had 2 WOW packages.

So I set up the two tables for the packages. Larissa came in at 5:45. She panicked. Never did a WOW package. Amber went over the process with her.

I helped her.

Then we picked up our Clients and did the packages. It went well.

Hubby picked me up at 8:45 afterwards. We went to pick up Panda because hubby had fixed Panda's brakes at the new shop while I was doing Clinic.

Picked up Panda in his new housing development in Post Falls. Drove him to the shop. He drove his van home.

Hubby and I drove to KR's to pick up Beebo. KR is going to BANFF, CANADA this weekend with a friend for a hiking/camping adventure.

We brought Beebo home. Put away groceries. Fed Koda & emptied her litter. Watched TV and went to bed.

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