Monday, February 08, 2016

Last Day Before School


Lil Bit came upstairs at 6AM to get into bed with me and Ben.

Got up at 8:30. Hubby texted me 'good morning'.

I got dressed. Gave ham to dogs. Gave Lil Bit his breakfast.

Started laundry.

Unseasonably Warm Today

Cleaned up the bird seed on the deck and gave them more. Put dog food in the tote.

Started to study the muscles of the leg.

I was in a lot of pain today.

Took more painkillers. Made me dizzy.

At 3:20, I went down to get my nails done with Deralee. Then drove to Spirit Lake and got groceries. Meat for dogs. They did not have angel food cake. Boo.

Drove home and got mail. Then unloaded groceries. Gave some meat to the dogs.

Watched TV and went to bed late.

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