Friday, February 26, 2016



Got up at 7:30. Hubby had already left for work. I felt all groggy after taking a pain killer from last night. I had gotten up at 3:00 to potty.

Gave ham to the dogs for breakfast.

I did laundry and started dishes.

Started preparing tax info for state audit. Guy wanted more paperwork.

Hubby got home at 6:45. Then we loaded the dogs into the new Dually and drove to Sandpoint to pick up some parts from Dave R.

We met Dave at the North 40 in Sandpoint. Leashed Ben & Bud up and then brought them into the store with us. They picked out some pig ears to eat. We purchased 2 bags of dog food for them.

Talked to Dave R in the parking lot. Hubby got the parts. I walked the dogs so they could potty.

Then we drove thru town. Left the dogs in the Dually while we shopped for groceries at Super One. Stopped to mail the envelopes at the Post Office downtown.

Drove home.

At home, hubby brought the groceries in while I put everything away. He drove down to the shop to work for about 1.5 hours. Then he came back.

We watched TV for a while then went to bed. I had to take several painkillers to deal with the pain. Too much walking.

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