Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back To School


Hubby left for work after getting up at 6AM. He says he is sleeping better. He is snoring less.

I got up at 7AM and started getting ready for school again.

Watched Looper on tv while I texted pictures of Lil Bit to hubby.

Left for school at 8:45AM. Drove to Post Falls. Waited until 9:30 to deposit a check in Horizon, but there were too many cars in line. Some dope-ass had parked his car in the drive-thru lane, then come out of the bank and used the drive-thru. Odd.

So I drove to school. Unloaded my books. Took my Dr excuses in to Jackie so that she could have copies of them. Discussed the quizzes and tests that I had missed. Jackied asked if I could do my business hours for today, just folding towels. She offered to have a chair for me to sit upon.

Then I went in to class for Kines. Discussed the quizzes with Andrea who was being fas·tid·i·ous again. Is she aware that she has this attitude with people? She grabbed my paper and started pointing out that she had no list of any 6 of the last quizzes that I had taken. Very piss-poor bookkeeping.

So I told her that I could take the test for the last day that I was there. She gave me Quiz #22.

After we were done, they graded their quizzes while I passed my quiz in to her and went on break.

When we came back from break, Andrea's "teaching" us was to tell us what to study and read. Isn't she supposed to be teaching that to us? We are essentially training ourselves. She also went over what we are supposed to do for our Practicals & Presentations & the Final.

Then we just studied as we wanted; Nick & Mark set up a table. Panda used his bamboo, and Andrea helped Courtnee with lower back issues.

We left at 12:45. I went to fold laundry.

Panda came in to help later because his client was a no-show.

I finally left at 2:18PM

Drove to the bank again (3rd in line again) and deposited checks from the Estate for hubby's plane ticket. Then drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs. Called in an order for Pizza at Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake in Hayden.

Drove to Maverik in Hayden and got gasoline. Then to Papa Murphy's to pick up the pizza.

Then drove home. Stopped to get mail. Finally got the card that hubby had mailed on Feb 10 from Arizona. How SLOW is the mail????

Came to the house and baked the pizzas. Gave the dogs their burgers. Unloaded my books. I was exhausted. Made tea.

Had some pizza. Fell asleep in my chair in front of the fireplace.

I did some homework for Ethics and started on homework for Traditional Chinese Medicine class.


Hubby got home at 7:00. 

We watched You, Me & The Apocalypse which was pre-recorded.

Looked at pictures of Lil Bit. I cried for a while.

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