Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hubby Off To Arizona


Woke up at 6AM, hubby was already feeding Lil Bit. Dressed and came downstairs.

I gave Lil Bit his insulin shot.

Then hubby was getting ready. We left at 6:30. Hubby stopped at Shop to drop off the invoices we had done last night.

Hubby drove to Rathdrum and we got lattes. Then we went to Spokane Valley and got souffles at Panera Bread. Then we drove to the Airport. I dropped off hubby at the departures and did not go in.

Drove to Post Falls and got gas. Then stopped to see KR. She was getting ready for work.

We talked for a while, then walked Beebo. Some idiots that were moving had parked right behind her garage so she had to tell them to move the U-Haul truck. Idiot people.

I left and drove to Rathdrum. Picked up prescription at Rathdrum Drug. Then got Valentine's chocolates and dog bones at Stein's. Also picked up a deal on dog toys for only $2 each. Purchased a whole bunch.

Drove home. Picked up the mail.

I unloaded groceries. Gave bones to dogs. Made tea. Ate the rest of the souffle. Opened the mini-blinds. Started laundry.

Bit looks happy

Watched a couple movies on tv.

Went down to the shop and got a check that Mark had put in the cupboard.

Played with the dogs.

Watched TV until midnight. Went to bed.

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