Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cold Day


It was cold this morning.

Hubby got up and watched TV. I woke up at 8AM.

Hubby made eggs for dogs with sausage & potatoes.

Lady from Washington breeding Schipperkes returned my call. I had the pick of either boy or girl because the other woman did not call her back. Hubby and I both decided on a boy.

Then we loaded dogs in Dually and drove to park for a walk. Hubby had to get a latte on the way down there.

Walked thru the park on East side of road in the campground.

Loaded dogs in Dually and drove into town to look at property on Bruin road. It was awful. Too expensive and not in a good neighborhood.

Then we picked up latte for hubby and KR at Jitterz on Miles. Some stupid woman had blocked the driveway and we had to wait for her to back up into traffic to let us out. She was an idiot.

Drove to KR's house and gave her drink. She talked to us about the article in the Spokesman Review for Prohibition GastroPub creating such a lot of business for the last 3 days. She has been working 10-12 hour days.

We left about 1:00, drove to Hayden to get gasoline at Maverik. Then we drove home.

At home, we worked on Tax audit stuff again. Then hubby made dinner for himself. I had cantaloupe.

I wrote out check for Dog Lady in Washington for new Schipperke.

Our TV went on the blitz and identified "NO SIGNAL" after working all day long.

So we looked at the back and cleaned it up. The HD cable had been bent and broken. So we loaded the dogs into the Dually and drove into Walmart to get a new HD cable.

Got grapes & new bath salts in addition to a Input cable for the new Dually.

Dropped off the deposit check for the Schipperke at the Hayden Post Office.

Drove home.

Fixed tv. Plugged in new HD cable. Then realized that the Vizio remote quit working. Ordered a new one.

Missed the recording of Walking Dead. Need to watch it at 10PM. No Good Wife on tonight because of the stupid Oscars.

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