Monday, May 30, 2016

Boat In Water 2016


Got up at 6:20 with hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Hubby went down to the shop to make sure the batteries were charged on boat. He hooked it up to the Dually.

Texted KR to come.

Hubby walked up to the shop and helped feed eggs to dogs.

I had made him an egg sandwich.

 Boat in Water at Farragut dock
Boat in Water at Bayview gas dock

KR got here at 9:00. Hubby already had boat & trailer loaded on Dually.

KR and I followed hubby down to Farragut in my Jeep.

Unloaded boat. Hubby found a broken hitch pin on the ground, not knowing it was ours until much later!

Got boat in water. It was pretty simple. Hubby parked the Dually. I drove Jeep around to Bayview at McDonald's Marina to meet them while they got gasoline.

Then I drove up to Hope while they took the boat up to Hope.

I stopped in Sagle to get an AWFUL drink at Big Bear latte. That is the last time I will ever stop there.

Met KR & hubby in Hope. They took another 30 minutes to get there.

The restaurant was backed up because they did not have enough help. So we had to wait for seating at the Floating Restaurant. It was good food.

We toasted the Bikes & the Boat & 2016. It will be a better year!

We discovered that the boat was still filthy. I found bugs everywhere. Hubby talked to Tim, a guy that cleans boats up there. He will clean our boat & have the Marina fix our torn Canvas. 

Rested on the boat for about 1 hour. Then we had to return home. KR has to get back & meal prep for the week.

We drove back. Dropped hubby off at the boat dock in Farragut Park. He drove the Dually back.

Unloaded everything at home. KR left to return home.

Hubby and I were exhausted and took naps. 

I went to bed from 7-9PM. Then woke up and watched TV for a while with hubby. Then went to bed at 10:30PM.


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