Tuesday, May 03, 2016

More Basement Work

5 3 2016

Got up at 8AM after hubby had left at 7AM. He brought me up my cell phone and turned on the ceiling fan because it was already warm in the house by then.

I got 3.5 hours sleep last night. I remember getting up at 1AM to take a few melatonin and again at 5AM to potty.

Seth came over at 10AM to start working on the basement. He is constructing the closet in the back room and doing more sheet rocking.

I turned on all the fans and pulled the mini blinds so that the house would be cooler today.

We need to purchase a new swamp cooler. I researched the best deals online.

Buddy Sitting Weirdly in the Hallway

Seth left at about 2PM. He requested that hubby bring home 2x4s so he could frame a box around the pipes in the basement back bedroom.

Closet in Back Bedroom

Hubby came home late after stopping at Ziggy's to pick up the wood. He had a snack and then we loaded dogs into the Dually and drove to Farragut for a quick dog walk. We walked around the water tower.

Then we came home and watched tv. Hubby had dinner. Went to bed.

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