Tuesday, May 10, 2016

JUST Another Day


Got up at 8AM. Was determined to stay in bed for another hour after waking at 7AM.

Dressed, gave some ham to the dogs.

Cleaned dog bowls. Started laundry & dishes.

Left to go get my nails done at 10:00. Stopped at Jitterz to get a latte.

Got nails & toes done. Purchased a goat painting. A lady from Costco came in to give Tracey a guest pass just as I was leaving. We talked for a while.

Goat Pic

Drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs, salads for me.

Stopped at Pita Pit and got my buy 1, get 1 free pitas. Fork style. Ran into Amy Howell and daughter.

Drove home. Behind some really slow cars. Had to wait for train in Athol.

At home, gave burgers to dogs.

Seth & his helper were here working on the sheet-rock.

Hubby got home at 5:45PM. He had stayed to work OT. He went downstairs to see what Seth & his helper had accomplished today. Almost all the sheet-rock done!

As we were leaving home, Rachelle called to reschedule my hair appointment for tomorrow!

We took my Jeep into town to pick up KR so we could go to Lowe's to purchase carpet.

We picked the carpet out, but hubby was having a difficult time choosing to glue it down, or install the pad underneath. So the Lowe's carpet guy told us to pay for the measurement. Then we could decide from there. The carpet guy will call to schedule a time to measure.

While walking to the carpet area, KR found us some inexpensive tile which we purchased. We will go back to get the smaller tiles later. Will be cool to do a pattern in the bathroom.

KR helped hubby pay while I went out to get the Jeep. KR then loaded the boxes of tile while hubby went to get something else. Some older guy came over to help load, but we told him we did not need help. Turns out, hubby knew the old guy from work-some retiree he used to work with.

At first we drove to Riverstone to find a place to eat, but I did not want to eat down there because it reminded me of the time we were down there with KR & Douchebag. Hubby didn't twig to it and it finally dawned on him why I did not want to be down there. 

Drove downtown CDA. I first parked in the Post Office parking lot, but found a parallel parking spot right in front of CRAFTED, Tap House & Kitchen. Really good food. Hubby ordered a GROSS tasting Cran-Cider. It tasted like men's locker room piss smell. Awful.

KR's Appetizer
My Chix Sandwich
Hubby's Monte Cristo

I had a wonderful honey Cider. It was delicious.

We drove KR home afterwards and helped her install her lights outside. Hubby had forgotten the attachments, but had purchased some at Lowe's.

Finally, we left there at 9:30 and got home by 10:00.

Dogs were happy to see us. I was really tired. Took a hot bath & fell into bed.

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