Monday, May 16, 2016



Hubby kissed me goodbye while I was still asleep.

I got up at 7:00, went back to sleept until 8:00.

Had breakfast. Then fed ham & chicken to the dogs.

Hubby called at 8:30 and told me to go down to the big grey shop and open the door for the boat cleaner.

I put more hoses in the Jeep and drove down there. Opened the doors for him. Then hooked up the hoses for them.

I came back and started loading magazines into my Jeep to take into the Recyclers.

I put more stuff in the Jeep to take to Goodwill.

Fed Ex guy came with my blinds for the French Doors.

Seth came to work on basement around 2:30.

Hubby got home around 6:50. I walked down to the shop. Koda followed me all the way down there. Hubby was hanging out and talking to guys. We put Koda in the Dodge because she was getting upset as Jack was down at the shop. We drove down to Athol to pick up burgers.

Then we returned home. Ate the burgers.

Hubby talked to Seth about the basement progress.

We watched Deadpool on pay-per-view.

Wilson came in to the house stinking of POO. So we had to pause the movie and give him a bath. He must have been rolling in the stuff. It was stuck all over him. His breath was awful.

That is one thing that Lil Bit grew out of, and he LOVED to have baths. He fell asleep in his baths. He really loved taking baths. I really miss that little guy.

Went to bed at 11:00.

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