Friday, May 13, 2016

just another windy day


Woke up at 6AM to potty with hubby, then went back to bed.

Squirrel chirp, chirp, chirp at 8AM woke up me permanently.

I got dressed. Gave dogs ham. Started laundry.

Put lights in basement cans. Electrician said he was going to bring lightbulbs. There were cans that were loose, too. He did not tighten them. 

Opened the door for the cat. Picked up cat & pointed out Squirrel sitting on deck. Told cat to "Kill Squirrel." Cat ran away.
Made out deposits for NW Plus. Walked to mail box to mail them.

 KR texted me and wanted to go shopping. So I got changed and ready. Took the Jeep into her place. We decided to drive my car.

It was very windy today.

We drove over to Post Falls at the River to look at some property that hubby had found. The roar of the interstate was awful, the property was under high-line wires, there were two god-awful ugly green homes on either side and the whole neighborhood was nothing but mobile homes. It was fucking awful. Except for the view (what you could see because of the overgrown bushes), the view was great with river & mountains.

KR wanted to go to the Valley Mall, so we drove there. On the way, we stopped at Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson and KR tried out the bike that she saw the other day. She is seriously thinking about purchasing it. A sales kid came over and talked to her, while I walked away.

She got a tour of the facility and the back room where they give lessons. The building is huge.

The salesmen suggested that she take lessons before she purchases the bike, although you receive FREE lessons when you buy a bike. So she is considering it.

 KR on her New Bike!

We drove to the Valley Mall and shopped at Bath & Body Works where I got some soap & a smelly thing for the bathroom. Victoria's Secret where I had to leave the store because KR went to try on a bra and women were pawing thru drawers, H&M where some weird hispanic woman was eyeing KR's purse & phone in her back pocket. She was getting WAY too close to us, so I told KR to give me her phone & purse. I put them in my purse for safe-keeping.

Then a tall oriental looking woman was racing around in H&M asking to borrow people's phones to call her boyfriend as it was an "emergency". I think that she was trying to steal cell phones.

We left the mall and drove over to Old Navy where KR got some more clothes. She is purchasing business clothes for her new job. It sounds great.

Then KR was hungry, so I drove her over to Jack In The Box. She had to go shop at URM where the manager and guys still remembered her!

I drove her over to Prohibition so that she could pick up her final check.

Then I thought we should go for Mexican food for dinner. Hubby met us at Toro Viejo in Hayden. He had actually gone to Rancho Viejo right next to it, but we texted him to meet us over at the other Restaurant. It was ok, but not great. Not great like Mario's in Bayview was...

I wanted to go to Home Depot so that KR could use her discount to purchase light bulbs. But while we were there, hubby had a shit-fit and was going on about how it was STUPID to buy light bulbs.

So I just turned around and left. I was so mad & upset. 

I drove KR home and then drove home.

At home, I refused to talk with hubby. Petty Koda, the kitty for a while. 

There was a hummingbird stuck in the house. Had to try to get it out. Waited until dark and then it followed a flashlight outside. Stupid hummingbirds.
Watched TV and went to bed.

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