Saturday, May 28, 2016



Got up at 6AM. Hubby and I made eggs for dogs. I made an egg sandwich for hubby.

I fed Koda kitty some kitty food.

We got dressed & loaded dogs into Dodge. Went into Post Falls to see if a Garage Sale had some more horse troughs, but the old guy was actually throwing them out because they were broken. Sad.

Then we drove to Lowes and picked up bathroom tiles & oil to clean cabinets.

Drove to Costco for gas. Drove to Farragut park and walked dogs.

At home, we unloaded dogs. Hooked up the dually to the trailer. Loaded up can lights for Dave & Vera. Changed clothes. Took the Amope Pedi blue file with us to give to Vera. Had found it in a drawer yesterday - it was hubby's Xmas gift to me that he had lost.

Took Ben with us. Drove up to Sandpoint and got lunch at Arby's. I was feeling faint from having no food all morning.

Finally met Vera & Dave at North 40 in Sandpoint. Talked to them. Dave went inside to get the cattle panels for the dog fencing. They loaded them on the trailer while Vera and I looked at plants.

Then we got into the vehicles again and drove up to their property.

The property is entered by going thru a junkyard, then going up a rugged, mud road. At the top are 2 high-wire lines that cross their property. It is all sand and after we were done for the day, I felt SO dirty. Had to come home immediately and take a bath. They having electricity there, but no water yet even tho the well-head is right next to the building. Their building is only half way finished.

We drove home around 3:00.

I took a bath. Hubby had his leftovers from Arby's. Gave the rest to the dogs.

Then hubby had to run down to the shop to help some asshole guy get screws that had been pestering him all afternoon on the phone. I was pissed.

Finally, he came back and we watched another show of Deadpool that I had rented on pay-per-view.

KR called and was at the Harley Davidson dealership. She is seriously thinking about buying the 2016 Fatboy Low. She said that a lot of people even stayed after they closed to watch her buy the bike, but she went home with out purchasing it.

We talked to her for quite a while. Then we went to bed at 10:00.

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