Friday, May 20, 2016



I got up at 7:30 this morning.

Got dressed.

Fed ham to the dogs.

Paid bills.

Water was turned OFF at 9AM. I had to go potty at exactly 9AM. OMG.

UPS (different guy) came with my Fossil purse.

Went down to get mail. Just junk.

 Bud & Wilson
 Dogs in Living Room

 Traded Horse Trough for Nails

Cat in the Drive

Checked on the boat. The Cleaning people did NOT come back today. The carpets are still filthy.

Came back to house.

I put things in the trailer for storage. 

Mowed lawn.

AIR was blowing out of upstairs toilet and making lots of noise. When I called hubby, he told me to turn off the back line to the toilet.

Dogs are sleeping in the sun.

The dark clouds moved across and it turned very cold.

Water finally came back on at 4PM. It is very cloudy and dirty water.

Had to update ALL my iTunes because the stupid iTunes update deleted everything.

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