Friday, May 27, 2016



Got up at 9AM. Finally got to sleep late. I wonder if my FitBit is preventing me from getting good, restfull sleep?

Fed dogs ham. Changed their water.

Seth came and I discussed the ceiling in the bathroom.

Then I left for my appointment for nails.

Drove into town. It started raining. Ruined my washed Jeep.

Stopped at Jitterz to get a latte.

Mailed Propane tank payment at Post Office.

Went to Tracey's. Hubby had already set up the bench outside her door. It looked cute.

Got my nails & toes done.

Tried to avoid an accident on Government Way and got stuck in traffic at Wendy's. Decided to get the FUCK out of there. Lots of people just being stupid.

Drove over to Post Falls to look at house. Decided I hated the area. Some asshole in a Chevy SUV drug addict POS almost ran over me on Prairie. Then he gave ME the finger. Pulled up beside him at the light on 41& Prairie and he gave me the finger again. If I ever see that kid again, I will put him out of his misery. What crap ass people in the world!

Rocky came out and fixed our internet at 6:00. I had not even heard him pull up and the dogs did not bark. He fixed the internet, but did not know how he did it! Spooky!
Paid bills. Ordered new cupping glasses for Panda.

Hubby came home late.

We watched TV, he fell asleep on the couch.

Went to bed at 11PM.

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