Thursday, May 12, 2016



Woke up at 7:15. Can't sleep.

Last night was horrible. Only got about 2 hours sleep. Restless all night. 1 bath in the middle of the night at 1AM. Hubby's stupid work phone started "whistling" in the middle of the night and freaked me out.

Hubby got up to put his phone outside. I went back to bed. Still restless. Hot, Tired, Exhausted, Hallucinating, Paranoid. Awful.

Fed the dogs some ham. Started laundry & dishes.

Went out to feed Koda some ham. She is lonely. Think I will go out later and walk her around outside.

One of Seth's workers came at 10:00. I did not recognize the van and went out to talk with him, thinking that he was another lost car - turning around in our driveway. He said that he got here early, and that Seth was right behind him.

I went outside at 11:00 to walk Koda around. She seems to stay close to the house. Hates the dogs when she saw them on the deck. I got some pics of her. Left the garage door open for her so she can come & go. Her food & water are in the garage.


Got the mail. Fed Ex driver came. He said that he, too is retiring in 2 years. He left my new bedroom blinds. I opened the box and they look like the perfect color!

I walked around with Koda again at 1:00. Went down to get mail. Just junk mail.

KR called and said she got the job at Barnett Woods. Yippee!!! 

Hubby got home at 5:45. He had a snack, wind was blowing really bad. We decided against going for a dog walk. Walked Koda around the yard outside.

Then we went in the backyard. He put new ZipTies on everything while I picked up dog poo.

Afterwards, the wind had died down so we decided to do a dog walk in the park.

Loaded dogs up after closing door to the garage.

Drove down to park, walked around the Water Tower. It was already getting cooler. Felt like 48 Degrees. In Athol, we picked up burgers at the Gas Station.

Went home, ate burgers, watched new Archer. 

Went to bed at 11PM.

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