Saturday, May 07, 2016



Hubby woke up at 5AM to hear the squirrel. He got out of bed to go kill it.

However, Squirrel ran away.

I got up at 7:30 and then helped hubby make eggs for the dogs. Wilson got fed in the bathroom and wagged his stub (tail) the whole time he was eating.

Ordered the cable rigging railing for the loft upstairs.

We loaded the dogs up in the Dually. Had to take water; almost forgot it.

Drove to Athol and picked up lattes. I had one because I am barely sleeping and am not awake.

In the park, we drove down to the sewage treatment plant to walk. There were runners in the park everywhere, but we avoided them. There were also hobbits in the park picking mushrooms. We avoided them, too.

Drove back home. Hooked up swamp cooler.

Loaded garbage into the Dodge.

Seth texted and said he was not coming to work today because his helper had an emergency. He is instead coming tomorrow to finish the sheet-rock.

Hubby had to go down to the shop to get a trailer out of storage.

We left home at 1:00, drove over to Spokane. Picked up hamburger & onion rings at Dairy Queen on Trent.

Arrived in downtown Spokane at 2:00PM. There was a Trump Rally that was taking place downtown. Parked across from the Spokane Convention Center. Followed some people exhibitors into the place.

Found KR when hubby went into the men's room to potty.

We talked to Matt Zahnow at the meet. Then we waited until 5:30 before KR competed. She lifted REALLY easily. Her Coach, Chad said that he should have given her more weight. Finally, they handed out awards. She got GOLD in her class!

KR & Gold Award Presenter

Then we left and went over to a restaurant called Europa, an Italian place. KR followed us in her car. We parked in a parking lot next to the restaurant. Was in an old, old building that smelled musty. We had dinner. It was good, but all of us were full before the main meal came. We had ordered Bruschetta & drinks & Shrimp stuffed Mushrooms as appetizers. KR was really hungry.

KR got drunk, so I drove her home. I followed hubby while he drove our Jeep. On the way, her friend Derrick called and wanted to go out. So we dropped her off at home. Took Beebo home with us so he would not have to be alone.

I got into the Jeep and we drove home. Got home by 10PM. Watched a little TV. Went to bed.

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