Saturday, May 14, 2016



Got up at 7:30. Still angry with hubby.

Dressed & went outside to pet the kitty. It is windy and cold. There was somebody dumping down on the property. Too early. Why can't they do it at normal hours?

Hopefully, that won't be a problem too much longer as we will sell the property.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

Took the dogs for a walk in the park. Had to get a latte for hubby in town.

Hubby was still snippy in the park about dog water. I told him to knock it off.

Drove thru town so dogs could bark at other dogs.

At home, unloaded dogs. Hubby went to talk to Seth & workers.

Hubby went down to shop.

I found another hummingbird in the house.

Hubby came home and helped me get the humming bird out of the house.

After that, hubby changed his clothes and we decided to take the Jeep and go looking for property.

Ended up looking at the lot in Elkhorn Estates again. Drove up a road south of Twin Lakes and we were yelled at by a guy that it was a private road; need the realtor for an appointment.

Finally drove to a huge development on High Prairie Road at the Idaho/Wa border. Got stuck in the development because somebody had left the lock down and we just drove in. They had locked it as they were leaving. We had to 4-wheel drive around the area to get out.

Off Roading

Drove home.

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