Wednesday, May 04, 2016



Awake at 6AM. Got up at 7AM. Hubby called and wanted me to make an invoice for customer.

I was still woozy from the allergy pill & melatonin that I took last night to sleep.

Got ready for eyelash appointment at 11:00. Made sure to clean my eyes of makeup again.

Seth did not come today to work.

Drove to town, washed Jeep at the car wash on Kathleen.

At Ironwood, I accidentally went upstairs thinking it was the 2nd floor. Then came back down. The place was the first door as you came in. LOL.

Christy was very nice and professional. We got going right away. It took about 1.45 hours to get the eyelashes put on. Much easier than the last time I went and had them done. The light was bright and made my eyes sore.

EyeCandy Lashes

Afterwards I made another appointment in 2 weeks to have a fill. See how I like them.

Drove to Post Falls and got burgers at Wendy's for dogs & salads for me. Stopped at Pita Pit and got my Chicken Crave Fork Style.

Drove to Rathdrum and got gasoline. Then stopped at Super One to get another ticket for the Really Big Raffle.

Drove home. Gave hamburgers to dogs. Walked down to get the mail.

Put everything away. Did laundry & dishes.

Went out back to pick up dog poo and put cut up trees over the back of the fence. Wilson tried to help by jumping up and trying to catch the branches. He is silly.

A couple of the downed trees were too heavy for me.

Hubby came home at 6:00. He had to meet a guy to pick up his Toyota at 6:15. Hubby helped me haul the other downed trees and throw them over the fence. Cleaned up the back yard, ready to be mowed.

Hubby drove down to the shop while I hauled in the 2X4s that he had gotten yesterday. I did not want it to rain on them.

Hubby came back and we loaded the dogs into the Dually for a walk in the park.

We walked around the water tower. As soon as Bud got out, he dashed off, chasing after some deer. Bad dog.

After our walk, we drove to get burgers in Athol, then came home. Watched Archer and I went to bed. Hubby stayed up to watch Cougar Town.

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