Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bought A Harley Davidson


Got up at 7AM.

Helped hubby make eggs for dogs.

Fed Koda kitty.

Another cold morning. Partly cloudy.

I picked up dog shit. Threw out the hoses from the backyard & other junk back there.

KR came and brought lattes.

We loaded dogs in Excursion and took them for a walk in Farragut Park on Gun Shooting Road. KR tried to teach Wilson to heel. LOL!

Then we came home and dumped the dogs. KR had texted James at the Harley Davidson store that we would be there in an hour to buy her bike.

KR drove home with Bravo, we unloaded our dogs, changed clothes and took the Jeep to her house.

Stopped to get lattes in Rathdrum Jitterz.

On the way to her house, while I was driving I started having horrible Endometriosis cramps. I took several Ibuprofen that were in the Jeep. Then at her house, she gave me 3 Hydrocodone. Hubby drove over to the Harley Dealership in Spokane Valley while I was in agony.

We got to the dealership about 11:30. We met James and started doing the deal for KR. Hubby started getting interested in a bike while KR and I went to the bathroom and then went to get leather jacket for her.

By the time we met up with hubby again, James had given him a tour of the dealership. Hubby decided to buy a bike, too!

So we worked up the paperwork, put $ down on bike, got a $500 gift certificate along with KR, and KR got a $50 for referring us to purchase a bike.

 KR in jacket
 KR in jacket
 Hubby in jacket
 Hubby with Harley keys
On the Harley Softtails

By the time we got around to accessories, I was feeling pretty light-headed.

We got pics, rang the bell, picked up our helmets & sunglasses, free t-shirt & hat. Then left around 4:30.

Went to Red Robin to have dinner. I had not eaten all day and really needed food. Waitress was really rude that waited on us.

Then we drove KR home. And we went to wash the Jeep, then drove home. I was almost asleep by the time we got home.

I went to bed right away after giving dogs fresh water & food.

Hubby watched tv all night.

I got up at 11PM and watched the end of the movie Wag The Dog with hubby, then we went to bed at midnight.

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