Monday, May 09, 2016

More Acupuncture & RAIN


Woke up at 5:45AM to lots of rain & cold. Had the windows open. Begged hubby to stay home with me today, but he refused.

While it was raining really hard, I got up at 7AM and closed all the windows. Turned on the heat. The house was freezing. Great time to install the swamp cooler!

Got dressed & then gave dogs some ham.

I left for Acupuncture appointment at 8:50AM. Dogs were all sleeping when I left.

Pouring down rain all the way there. I hate driving in rain. Got there early. Acupuncturist was late. She got there at 9:35.

Had my appointment. Went shopping at Super One in Hayden. I hate that store. They have an odd layout and don't have the stuff I like.

Then picked up a coffee at Jitterz on Miles.

Drove home. Less rain.

My Walk Around The House Picking Up Poo

Unloaded groceries. Gave dog some of the BBQ ribs that hubby had taken off the bone.

Seth came over at 2:30 to work doing more sheet-rock in basement.

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