Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Carpet Measured & Screens To Be Repaired


Really cold last night & this morning. About 45 this morning.

Lots to do today. I was up at 6AM to potty along with hubby. He left early so that he could go down and open the doors for the boat cleaner.

I went back to bed, but could not sleep. I was up at 8AM. It was still severely cold. Around 52F degrees.

The Boat cleaner guy came up to the house and wanted me to sign an authorization slip. I also had to give him a check, because I would be gone when he was done cleaning the boat.

I washed my hair and put conditioner on it.

Ken, the Window Repair guy, came earlier than he said. He was lost down on Ramsey and called me. I gave him directions. He drove down to the shop instead and talked to the Boat Cleaner guy. I had to walk down there and give him directions up to the house.

Then Matt, the carpet measuring guy came and measured the rooms. He said give it a few days as he has to input the info in the computer and then deliver it to Lowes. He then left after giving me paperwork.

Seth arrived just as Ken, the Window Repair guy finished measuring for the window in the library. We need new screens for all the windows. So I had to order 5 new screens.

I finished washing my hair and drying it.

Then went outside to pick up poo.

Gave bones to the dogs.

I got ready to go into town.

Stopped in Rathdrum at the Goodwill and dropped off the donation bags. Then drove over to the old Fire Department for the recycling box and dropped off all hubby's magazines that I had loaded in the back of the Jeep.

Then I drove to Post Falls and deposited the eBates check. Then I drove down Seltice to Ironwood for my appointment for eyelashes refills. I was there until 5:00.

I got out of the eyelash refill and texted hubby. Then I picked him up from work at Frontier. There was rush-hour traffic all the way, so it took a long time to get across town.

Finally picked him up. He wanted a new shirt because he had an ink spill on his work shirt, so we went to Walmart. He wanted a long-sleeved one and since it is summer, there are no long sleeve shirts. He was upset, so just decided to go in what he was wearing. He needs new jeans and new shirts.

We drove to Red Lobster and got seats int he bar in a tiny table.

Red Lobster offers NO SHRIMP in Bloody Mary

Food was ok, but not enough. They have reduced their sizes of the food. I also asked for Kahlua & Bailey's and got some foo-foo ice cream drink that gave me a freeze-brain headache.

After we were done, hubby did not want to shop at Walmart. So I dropped him off at his truck and we drove home.

At home, I went to the house. He stayed at the shop with Mark to work and then went over to look at the cleaning that had been done on the boat.

He finally came home around 9:15. And we watched tv until he fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:00.


Got up early today. Discovered that Wilson had torn the toilet paper out of the bathroom and had it spread everywhere in the house.
Toilet Paper Everywhere

Drove to Hayden for Acupuncture appointment. I got there early and got a latte from Jitterz. She was late again.

After acupuncture session, drove over to Walmart and got groceries.

Drove home and unloaded groceries.

Seth was here working. The Boat Cleaner people were still here. They came up at 2PM and asked me to come down and look at the boat. They had still not cleaned the Bilge and the carpets.

I walked back to the house.

Did laundry & dishes.

Cleaned up dog poo in back yard.

It was cold and rainy.

Hubby brought home Adirondack chairs from Walmart.

New Chairs

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